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I help moms, businessmen, expatriates & diplomats alike to dramatically improve their accent to connect & communicate more mindfully in French. - Follow me on Instagram for daily tips: TheFrenchLass - LinkedIn (for video testimonials) : Gaëlle Le Vu If you want to hear me introduce myself (with a strong French accent!), go to 3:55 on my teacher presentation video :) Mes élèves disent que je suis très curieuse et qu'ils apprécient le fait que j'aime discuter de tout. J'ai vécu dans 5 pays différents et j'ai également voyagé dans presque 30 pays. J'aime m'adapter autant que possible aux autres cultures, apprendre de mes élèves, écouter ce qu'ils ont à dire et ce qu'ils valorisent.

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Michelle Creel
31 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Excellent teacher! I am confident that I will become conversational sooner than I thought. I have only taken 30 classes and I can already understand a lot of audio dialogues without having to read or look up most of the paragraph per say. She has also never made me feel embarrased about my speech. She is very patient and yet knows how to correct the position of the jaw, lips and tongue to correctly say something in French!
7 mars 2023
56 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
The number one reason holding me back from ever learning French in the past was pronunciation. As an English-speaker I thought the pronunciation was impossible to master. I couldn't even hear the differences between many French sounds, let alone attempt to reproduce them myself. That's all changed sinced working with Gaëlle. I can not only hear the differences between ALL the sounds, but can also reproduce them at a pretty high level. I finally don't sound like that awful English-speaker "trying " to speak French. Thank you Gaëlle!!
19 sept. 2017
54 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Gaëlle is excellent french teacher! She teaches really contemporary french - slang, bad words included! :-) Now, when I moved to France, I realize every day that french people really talk like Gaëlle thought me!! ;-) She makes very personalized lessons, uses material of variable themes... thank you, Gaëlle, for stimulating discussions we had! :-) I also liked how easygoing and flexible you are! Bon continuation! :-) gros bisous Anete
30 janv. 2017
Jeff Philips
9 leçons en Français
Gaelle is a Fantastic Teacher. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn French. She is fun and very engaging and goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the material. Cheers!
17 mai 2023
Yuki Nakayama
6 leçons en Français
La leçon de prononciation est très utile et j’ai pu apprendre la bonne prononciation
5 mai 2023
Jonathan Lawrence
2 leçons en Français
Gaelle was prepared and friendly. Thank you for the lesson!
22 mars 2023
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