Professeur en Géorgien Tinatin Bakhtadze

Tinatin Bakhtadze

Tuteur communautaire
Community tutor
De GéorgieLieu de résidence : Tbilisi, Géorgie (17:24 UTC+04:00)
À propos de moi
Professeur italki depuis le 28 Jul 2022
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My name is Tinatin. I was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. I studied fashion design and my biggest passion is art. My interests include art(drawing, painting, digital and fashion illustration), literature, yoga and spirituality, gardening, traveling, and learning foreign languages. I've been teaching on itallki for over a year. Georgian is my native language but I also speak English, Russian, and a bit of Italian. My wish is to be able to talk to the language of the place that I'm visiting while traveling. I really enjoy being in nature, especially in the mountains and one of my biggest desires is not to be tied to one place or a city so that I can travel the world.

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70 avis

Élève Hannah
40 leçons en Géorgien
Tinatin does an excellent job understanding her students needs and then teaching to those needs. She is flexible to teach in a way that helps the student best. She has helped me learn things I specifically wanted to practice, and she has brought her own great ideas of what we should study next. She is encouraging, patient and genuinely cares about her students. She both corrects my pronunciation and grammar, and also encourages me to speak without worrying and thinking of all the logic of what I'm trying to say. Tinatin will help you review and strengthen things you've already learned and gently push you to learn new things. She has many helpful resources to pull from. She is able explain the details of Georgian grammar and why it does what and when. She can lead you in conversation or exercises. Tinatin can help you learn. In each lesson you can see the joy she has in teaching. She is an excellent teacher and I 100% recommend taking lessons from her!
21 mai 2024
Élève Hrn Z
Hrn Z
1 leçon en Géorgien
10 mai 2024
Élève Alex Watkins
Alex Watkins
1 leçon en Géorgien
Thanks Tinatin, it was a great first lesson learning Georgian :) We reviewed the alphabet and some phrases, and Tinatin sent me a document with what we had studied.
8 mai 2024
Élève Kais Is.
Kais Is.
3 leçons en Géorgien
Tinatin is highly experienced and has great approach towards any of her students. Highly recommended!
7 mai 2024
Élève Seva 謝老师
Seva 謝老师
7 leçons en Géorgien
მშვენიერი გაკვეთილი იყო 😊 მადლობა თინათინ!
25 avr. 2024
Élève George
13 leçons en Géorgien
Tinatin is a very gifted teacher: patient, professional, and always well prepared. Her method, while very well structured, is not rigid as she easily molds it to the needs of the student. If you add to it her passion for teaching—and for languages in general—you couldn’t ask for a better teacher to guide you in finding your way in a new language.
17 avr. 2024
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