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I am a native Russian speaker from Belarus. I have over 10 years of online teaching experience. And more than 15 years teaching experience at the university level. I like different methods of language learning and offer it to you who learn Russian language. I invite you to take advantage of my blend of these wonderful techniques.

Leçons (Russe)

Leçon d'essai
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Power of Reading
A1 -  C2


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USD 17.50+
Forfait avec 11% de réduction
Russian step by step: General language proficiency
A1 -  C1


1,905 leçons terminées
USD 12.00+
Forfait avec 8% de réduction
Russian through Storytelling
A2 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

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Choix du professeur
Alex is a great teacher. If you are serious about learning Russian he is the one you need. I have taken many Russian courses over the past couple of years and none have helped as much as Alex's classes. The amount my Russian has improved (and continues to improve) shocks me sometimes. Seriously, if you have a passion or need to learn/improve your Russian then look no further. He is a great guy and a pleasure to converse with. I am grateful and proud to have him not only as my Russian teacher but also as a friend.
18 janv. 2022
jon spottiswoode
303 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
Alexander is a very good teacher. He makes you work quite hard, but his technique is very interesting and it is worth putting in the investment that he demands as you come through with a much better understanding of Russian grammar. He is friendly and professional and generous with his time.
30 juil. 2020
409 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
我喜欢这种上课的方式,在有限的时间内,老师讲力争让他讲的每一句话都让我明白,并且力争让我讲的每一句话都准确无误。 很好! 希望老师不忘初心 !~~~~
23 mars 2015
30 leçons en Russe
Alexander is one of the best Russian teachers I've had the pleasure of working with. As a language teacher myself, I am continuously impressed with his methodology, which is clearly based on a combination of training and experience, backed by research-based best practices. I used to be very fluent in Russian but have since forgotten most of what I used to be capable of doing linguistically, and Alexander has been patiently working with me on the foundations of grammar complexities and even proper pronunciation and intonation. He is organized, structured, and I leave each lesson feeling like my brain has undergone a wonderful workout. He is also kind and pleasant as a person. Highly recommended.
5 janv. 2024
Huang Cora
46 leçons en Russe
Thanks for the explanation! You are the best Russian teacher I've never met, see you for the next lesson 👍
12 déc. 2023
2 leçons en Russe
Our first lesson was great. We got acquainted, assessed my level and areas I can improve, and began working on a text passage that matches my level. The lesson was challenging but navigable with Alex's help and patience. I feel his methods will definitely help grow my ability in Russian.
26 nov. 2023
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