Professeur en Amharique Mahlet Fekadu

Mahlet Fekadu

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A Public Health professional with over 3+ years of Amharic writing and translation experience.
De CanadaLieu de résidence : Toronto, Canada (09:44 UTC-04:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 3 Apr 2024
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My name is Mahlet. I am 26 years old and I am a native Amharic speaker from Ethiopia. I am currently living in Canada to pursue my advanced education. I am passionate about learning and teaching new languages, music, photography, and cooking. Here on Itaki, I'll be teaching you Amharic.

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Basic Amharic lessons for beginners
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Amharic Grammar and Vocabulary lessons
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20 avis

Élève Sirak Yilma
Sirak Yilma
15 leçons en Amharique
Choix du professeur
Mahlet is a great teacher. I’ve had other Amharic teachers and she supersedes by far. She did excellent job assessing my Amharic level, and over the course of the past two weeks has worked diligently to help me improve my skills and comfortability with speaking. She is extremely knowledgeable in Amharic and patient and understanding. She works with me to make sure I understand not only what mistakes I’m making, but why I’m making those mistakes and what I need to work on. She is diligent and truly cares about her students and making sure they learn. I look forward to continuing lessons with her for a long time to come, and would refer her with high praises to anyone interested in learning Amharic.
15 juin 2024
Élève Fred Williams
Fred Williams
5 leçons en Amharique
Choix du professeur
Mahlet is an instructor who builds the base of knowledge before doing conversation. She gives lessons through lists and repetition. She also teaches a lot of cultural information. I am learning the Fidel and pronunciation. Amharic has many polysyllabic words and conjugation so that a strong base is important.
14 mai 2024
Élève Dr. Patrick H
Dr. Patrick H
6 leçons en Amharique
Choix du professeur
Mahlet once again presented an exceptional lesson that far exceeded my expectations. She is undeniably a fantastic teacher, and I am sincerely thankful to be under her guidance. She genuinely cares about my progress as I pursue my language learning journey. Thank you so much!
18 avr. 2024
Élève Etienne Lévesque
Etienne Lévesque
6 leçons en Amharique
Great lesson, now into common verbs and some basic sentence structures. Mahlet is a very dedicated and patient teacher.
9 juin 2024
Élève Katie Williams
Katie Williams
5 leçons en Amharique
Mahlet is so patient and awesome! I always have fun in her classes. Even though I'm a slow learner, I can see I'm quickly making progress with the exercises we're doing together. Thank you!
3 juin 2024
Élève Katie Williams
Katie Williams
5 leçons en Amharique
Honest and warm approach to assessing where I'm at and what my goals are for learning Amharic. Thank you!
29 mai 2024
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