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Fun and Friendly, 2+ years of tutoring experience in college and fluent in English (C1Level)
De JaponLieu de résidence : Nagoya, Japon (13:07 UTC+09:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 20 Nov 2021
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Hey, guys! I am Yusuke. Thanks for reading my profile! I live in a city close to Nagoya in Japan. I just love humor and sharing a laugh with people! I just love English and I have been studying English for about 5 years so I can speak English! Currently, I have a part-time job in order to make money because I do want to study abroad in the UK in future! みなさん、こんにちは!僕(ぼく)の名前(なまえ)はゆうすけです! 僕(ぼく)の自己紹介(じこしょうかい)を読(よ)んでくれてありがとうございます! 僕は日本(にほん)の名古屋市(なごやし)の近(ちか)くに住(す)んでいます。 僕はユーモアが好(す)きで、笑(わら)うことが大(だい)好きです! 僕は、英語(えいご)を約(やく)5年(ねん)勉強(べんきょう)しているので、英語を話(はな)すことができます! 今(いま)は、将来(しょうらい)イギリスに留学(りゅうがく)するために、アルバイトをしてお金(かね)を貯(た)めています!

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日本語で自由に会話 Japanese Free Conversation
A2 -  C2

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81 avis

Élève Magdalena Cichocka
Magdalena Cichocka
22 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Lessons with Yusuke feel like talking with a good friend. There is no unpleasant pressure, I am never stressed to talk to him. He always does his best to understand me, suggests better ways to say whatever I'm trying to express, so that I can sound more natural. He is very polite, kind, always on time and never fails to be prepared for the lesson. There's no awkward silence during the classes, as he always has a topic to bring up to discuss. His knowledge on explaining Japanese phrases and words is truly commendable. ゆうすけ先生は最高です:)
20 avr. 2024
Élève Bijan
13 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Yusuke was patient and helped me reformulate my sentences in a more native-like manner. He wrote down all terms I was unfamiliar with. Needless to say, I enjoyed our class and am looking forward to the next.
30 oct. 2023
Élève Lawrence
108 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
I've been doing lessons with Yusuke for almost 2 years now. My Japanese keeps getting better and the lessons are always fun and engaging. Highly recommend Yusuke to anyone looking to improve their conversational Japanese in an enjoyable way!
1 oct. 2023
Élève Ryan
1 leçon en Japonais
Yusuke's approach was excellent. He fostered a welcoming atmosphere while maintaining a serious, teacherly demeanor aimed at genuinely assisting his students. His expertise was evident, and he imparted knowledge in a straightforward, accessible manner that was ideal for a beginner like me. Thank so much Yusuke
20 mai 2024
Élève Kevin Agar
Kevin Agar
1 leçon en Japonais
I was so nervous before speaking in Japanese, but Yusuke is so easy to talk to and made it really easy to converse.
20 mai 2024
Élève chrisbigmoney
1 leçon en Japonais
Very nice teacher who was able to keep the conversation moving without any awkward silences and sent me suggestions for more natural ways to discuss various topics and I didn’t need to rely on English much at all.
20 mai 2024
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