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Chinois (mandarin)
De JaponLieu de résidence : Hirakata, Japon (17:18 UTC+09:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 27 Sep 2022
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みなさん こんにちは わたしは みきです。 🌸大阪(おおさか)に 住(す)んでいます。 🌸京都(きょうと)の日本語学校(にほんごがっこう)で 働(はたら)いています。 🌸2022年からオンラインで日本語を 教えています。 🌸大学時代(だいがくじだい)、フィリピンに 1年 交換留学(こうかんりゅうがく)しました。 🌸ボランティアで アフリカのブルキナファソに 行きました。 🌸フランス語を 勉強(べんきょう)して いました。 🌸日本のアニメや漫画(まんが)が 好(す)きです。 Hi everyone! 🌸I’m native Japanese living in Osaka with 3 children. 🌸I'm now working for Japanese Language School in Kyoto. 🌸I started to teach online since 2022. 🌸I like Japanese history, culture and animation. My favorite is Attack On Titan and Damon Slayer. 🌸I have studied French and Chinese so I understand how learning foreign language is like

Leçons (Japonais)

Leçon d'essai
21 leçons terminées
USD 5.00+
Hiragana & Katakana reading
A1 -  A2


34 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 6% de réduction
Minnano Nihongo(みんなのにほんご) L1~L50
A1 -  A2


263 leçons terminées
USD 11.00+
Forfait avec 9% de réduction
Japanese for business(conversation practice)
B1 -  B2

Pratique de la conversation

27 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 4% de réduction
JLPT test preparation (N3 & N4)
B1 -  B2

Préparation de test

22 leçons terminées
USD 12.00+
Forfait avec 22% de réduction
Free talk in Japanese
B1 -  C1

Pratique de la conversation

38 leçons terminées
USD 10.00
Travel Japanese (conversation practice above N4 level)
B1 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

4 leçons terminées
USD 10.00


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36 avis

Élève Mark
5 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
I recently had the pleasure of taking my first online Japanese tutoring lesson with Miki Sensei, and it was an exceptional experience. She demonstrated friendly and welcoming enviroment yet a high level of professionalism throughout the session as she guided me through the material with patience and expertise. She used a original, and engaging materials to reinforce learning, making the lesson both enjoyable and effective. Moreover, her passion for the language was palpable, inspiring me to delve deeper into my studies. I highly recommend this tutor to anyone looking to learn Japanese in a supportive and dynamic online environment.
17 mars 2024
Élève Adam
32 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Miki-san has been a great teacher. I started taking lessons with her in January with the goal of finishing the second book of Minna no Nihongo (which I had started the week before) and I was able to finish the book on October 1st! Miki-san has an amazing set powerpoint slides that she clearly has put a considerable amount of work into and is very encouraging.
3 oct. 2023
Élève 凪 誠士郎 (せいしろう)
凪 誠士郎 (せいしろう)
1 leçon en Japonais
Miki-san was well-prepared and gave a well-structured lesson. She created a relaxed atmosphere, which made me feel comfortable making mistakes and learning the correct way afterward. In addition, she also provided her custom-made in-class material for me to review. I very much enjoyed learning with Miki-san and am looking forward to our next class. ありがとうございます! :D
13 avr. 2024
Élève Selim Habi
Selim Habi
41 leçons en Japonais
Super leçon comme d'habitude. ありがとうございます
23 janv. 2024
Élève Dany Ramdas
Dany Ramdas
7 leçons en Japonais
We coved Minna no Nihongo 1 Lesson 1, well structured. For review this is great! Thank you.
20 janv. 2024
Élève Selim Habi
Selim Habi
41 leçons en Japonais
Encore un super cours avec Miki Sensei. Merci beaucoup.
3 janv. 2024
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