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Native Montreal-based teacher, Quebecois culture oriented classes, founder of FrenchWithFrederic
De CanadaLieu de résidence : Montreal, Canada (04:18 UTC-04:00)
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✔ I’m a native speaker. I was born and raised in Quebec, and I did all of my education in French. I’m currently completing a master's degree in French language & literature. ✔ I don’t live abroad, which can be a big disconnect from the culture. I live and breathe in French every day. I live in the heart of Montreal. ✔ Having also lived in the USA and in Vancouver, I speak fluent English (C2). ✔ I’m a language learner myself. I speak Italian (C1), German (C1). I understand Spanish and some Portuguese. ✔ You will learn exactly how French is spoken today. I will teach you exactly how to sound very natural and native.

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10 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Frédéric is quite helpful. Over the past few lessons, he's asked me about myself (what I like to do, whether I like to read, if so what I like reading). He obviously put some thought into it, and came with a list of about 8 books he thought might be in line with my taste. I really appreciate that - it's hard to find books even in your native language, and harder still to gauge the level when it's in a language you're trying to learn.
7 juin 2023
Maggie C-H
12 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Frédéric is an excellent teacher because he is a very good listener and accurately assesses the appropriate pacing and level for our lessons. For example, if we cover a topic that may be more advanced or may require vocabulary I am not familiar with, he adeptly adjusts his explanations or quickly pulls up resources to aid the conversation flow. He patiently provides the space for me to form my thoughts and delivers feedback in a constructive and motivating way. I have tried a few other French teachers on iTalki and have found Frédéric by far to be the most professional, thoughtful, and effective for my needs. I highly recommend learning French and the richness of Quebecois culture with Frédéric!
12 mai 2023
Michael Hartwig
143 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
I have been taking lessons from Frederic for some time now. I have made so much progress. He creates an encouraging atmosphere for learning - and customizes lessons for your skills and areas of challenge. I highly recommend him!
30 sept. 2021
Lori Lomond
8 leçons en Français
I have had several lessons with Frédéric and have very much enjoyed them. He has great suggestions on how to improve my French between lessons. Although I am always nervous when conversing in French, he puts me at ease and the time passes quickly. Looking forward to learning more from him as I continue weekly lessons with Frederic
25 sept. 2023
14 leçons en Français
I've been taking lessons with Frédéric for nearly 6 months now, and I can confidently say that it's improved not only my speaking skills, but my listening comprehension as well. Frédéric always shows up with topics to discuss, and I love the focus on Québec and Montréal culture - it helps provide more context for the language. Furthermore, the notes that he writes during class are a great study tool for after the lesson, he'll add corrections or phrases you didn't know / understand, and studying these are much more useful because they're personal to your specific lesson. If you're looking for your next French language teacher to help improve your speaking skill, look no further!
13 juil. 2023
10 leçons en Français
Frédéric is always on time. If you're stuck, he'll prompt you to get you started, but also lets you talk if that's what you want (it's what *I* want - to practice talking). When you do talk, he will occasionally correct phrases, but not in a way that interrupts what you're trying to say. As you're chatting he'll jot it all down in a shared google doc, so you can refer to it later. I just got back from Paris where, among many other things, I had to take my daughter to the emergency room (she got poison ivy just before leaving home, it got a lot worse while there; she's fine now!). I really felt that the lessons I had with Frédéric helped me be more comfortable with just talking, without worrying about getting the grammar exactly right. And of course, practicing with him made it easier to find the words when I needed them. And that's really what matters - just getting the words out and being understood.
11 juil. 2023
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