Professeur en Bulgare Lilyana Drebcheva

Lilyana Drebcheva

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Chinois (mandarin)
De BulgarieLieu de résidence : Plovdiv, Bulgarie (01:45 UTC+03:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 25 Jan 2018
Check out my website: My name is Lili and I am a professional Bulgarian, English, Chinese, and Spanish language teacher. My experience with learning languages has made me realize that we all have unlimited potential and ability to master a new language. We just need to find the best method that works for us. And this is exactly what my mission is about. To show you that learning languages is fun, interesting, and easy.

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Chinois (mandarin)
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Conversational BULGARIAN with GRAMMAR HELP- start seeing grammar as your friend
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Informal Tutoring - Bulgarian
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Pratique de la conversation

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Level 1 Bulgarian for BEGINNERS
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Chinois (mandarin)
Élève Jay
17 leçons en Bulgare
Choix du professeur
Excellent as always with Lilyana! She's very positive and encouraging, and does a great job at keeping the lesson in Bulgarian and keeping me speaking Bulgarian even when I'm not 100% sure how to say what I want to say. But that's the only way to improve, and Lilyana does a great job at creating a learning atmosphere where I feel comfortable as I attempt to make progress. Благодаря и до скоро!
12 juil. 2018
Élève Luke Selby
Luke Selby
28 leçons en Bulgare
Choix du professeur
Lily was super helpful today with all her hard work with preparing dialogues, audios and words/verbs related to them! We went over past tenses and how to use them in 1st form and 2nd which is extreme useful for me to know so I can talk about the past! I am super happy with all of the effort Lily goes through to help me and I can not thank her enough!! :D
1 juil. 2018
Élève Jonathan Vervoort
Jonathan Vervoort
25 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
Lily is a fantastic teacher!!! She is very patient and supportive. The focus of our lesson was almost entirely on developing listening and speaking skills, which I believe is incredibly important in learning a new language. Lily is skilled at articulating herself in a manner that is understandable, even for beginners (like myself). When I did not understand, she was able to rephrase (and animate) herself in a way that was understandable. In addition to helping me feel comfortable listening, Lily also helped me feel comfortable in my efforts to speak a new language. It was both fun and productive. I very much look forward to our next lesson!
17 févr. 2018
Élève Axelle
31 leçons en Bulgare
Fantastic lessons, as usual. Lili tailors her material to each student's needs.
27 mai 2024
Élève James Fox
James Fox
6 leçons en Bulgare
Lili is a great teacher. Enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and always with a good plan for the lesson. I would recommend her.
21 mai 2024
Élève Dom Colwell-Hector
Dom Colwell-Hector
1 leçon en Bulgare
Great lesson!
14 mai 2024
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