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Professeur italki depuis le 29 Nov 2017
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I am Suhas from Kolkata, India. My native language is Bengali while English has been my first language throughout my educational career. Teaching these languages, thus, come naturally to me. I have work experience in diverse fields like sales & marketing, official correspondence, writing, public speaking and, of course, teaching. My educational career has covered arts, sciences & humanities. My hobbies cover areas like effective learning techniques, psychological counselling, music, participating sports, alternative medicine, etc. Having diverse interests and activities, as above, has allowed me to hold a holistic and eclectic view towards life. This greatly shapes my teaching as well.

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Bengali for Intermediate & Advanced
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Bengali Speaker
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159 avis

Élève Andy
65 leçons en Bengali
Choix du professeur
This was actually an eye-opening lesson today. We went BACKWARDS in difficulty - we practiced translation of some easier sentences that were difficult for me maybe 6-8 weeks ago. And they were so easy today. There are still a couple of places where I stumbled, but 90-95% of it was fine. I remembered vocab and verbs I haven't seen for quite a while. It was eye-opening because it was really encouraging to see the progress we've made. There's obviously still so far to go. But this showed me that it's also important to occasionally show yourself how far you've come. Trying out an exercise from weeks ago will give you a shot of encouragement to keep going! Lots of positive thoughts after this lesson!
22 août 2018
Élève Timothy
21 leçons en Bengali
Choix du professeur
Great conversation practice. Less than 2 months ago when I started with Suhas, I was not really able to converse freely because my Bengali was so rusty. But after continuing regular lessons together, I was able to speak Bengali for most of the session. I'm really happy with the improvement!
12 avr. 2018
Élève Ian
15 leçons en Bengali
Choix du professeur
Suhas was well prepared for a lesson with an absolute beginner. He was strict when it came to pronunciation, which is really what I was looking for. He was good at instructing me how to properly produce phonemes that I hadn't encountered in other languages. At first, the amount of material was a little overwhelming, but he was flexible and allowed for some roleplay practice so as to reinforce the new vocabulary a bit. I can see myself continuing to study Bengali with him in the future.
14 janv. 2018
Élève Supriya Mitra
Supriya Mitra
121 leçons en Bengali
Thank you Suhas, as good as always :)
10 oct. 2019
Élève Supriya Mitra
Supriya Mitra
121 leçons en Bengali
We are always left impressed after each and every session. Suhas is very playful, funny and tells stories & jokes. Bringing in music and events to complete the language experience. The magic trick today was immense fun. My son really liked :) thank you.
26 sept. 2019
Élève Supriya Mitra
Supriya Mitra
121 leçons en Bengali
2 sept. 2019
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