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Teach General JPN & JLPT at All Levels in JPN & ENG 📝 Customized Exercises & Audio Files Provided🎧
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Professeur italki depuis le 5 Dec 2018
みなさん、はじめまして ! メグと申します Hi everyone ! I'm Meg I'm - a Japanese native speaker - an English advanced speaker (I've passed Cambridge English Advanced & EIKEN Grade1 英検一級.) I - am a certified Japanese teacher - completed a Japanese Teacher Training in English - can conduct lessons in English I - have a Master's degree in Agriculture - majored in Agricultural Economics at university & grad school in Kyoto - worked for an organic vegetable wholesaler I've studied - tea ceremony 茶道 - calligraphy 書道 - kimono dressing 着付け - kimono making 和裁 I'm happy to share what I know with Japanese learners from across the world !

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Leçon d'essai
127 leçons terminées
USD 20.00+
1)【 General Japanese - from Complete Beginners to Advanced 】 (60 / 30 min.) GENKI・カルテット・上級へのとびら + Supplementary Materials
A1 -  C2


1,306 leçons terminées
USD 36.00+
2)【 JLPT Preparation at N5 - N1 】 (60 / 30 min.)
A1 -  C2

Préparation de test

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USD 36.00+
3) EXISTING Students (before June 2022) Only - GENKI・JLPT N5 / N4 Preparation
A1 -  B1


573 leçons terminées
USD 20.00+
4) EXISTING Students (before June 2022) Only - 上級へのとびら・カルテット・JLPT N3 / N2 / N1 Preparation
B1 -  C1


589 leçons terminées
USD 22.00+
5) EXISTING《 GENKI 》Students (before July 2021) Only
A1 -  B1

Pratique de la conversation

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USD 15.00+
6) EXISTING《 とびら・カルテット・JLPT Prep 》Students (before July 2021) Only
B1 -  C1


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98 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
I always enjoy the extra pictures and videos to further illustrate the traditions mentioned in the textbook!
9 déc. 2021
Joe W
157 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Meg Sensei is always such a supportive and engaged teacher! I always look forward to my lessons with her, and she goes above and beyond to tailor the learning process to my interests and needs. I’ve been taking weekly/twice-weekly lessons with her for almost a year and a half, and no plans to stop any time soon!
3 août 2021
Chris Werner
56 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
It really feels like I am making great progress, thanks to Meg’s help. She teaches at a comfortable pace. She is very patient and explains the reason why a sentence is constructed a certain way. I still struggle a bit with particles and verb conjugations, but I am starting to understand how these work. Meg is also very helpful in reviewing new vocabulary that I’ve learned in my audio lessons during the week. Although I am just a beginner, I feel like I am rapidly improving my understanding of にほんご. ありがとございます Meg せんせい!
26 avr. 2020
139 leçons en Japonais
She always gives me time to think or remember something before telling me what I'm having trouble remembering. She corrects me when my sentence or response isn't correct. She encourages me to use the Japanese I have learned and answers questions I have when I don't know how to say something in Japanese. I always enjoy my lessons with her.
22 janv. 2024
Rebecca Doll
66 leçons en Japonais
I've now been taking lessons with Meg for 7 months and I've really loved having her as a teacher! She is smart and makes learning fun. She also does a great job at explaining and comparing Japanese and English grammar. She is able to provide a variety of resources from different texts and different audio files. I feel like my Japanese as progressed immensely with her as my teacher!
18 avr. 2023
Rebecca Doll
66 leçons en Japonais
Meg is amazing, I really enjoy learning from her! She is always in tune with what you need to further progress in your studies.
29 nov. 2022
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