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Chinois (mandarin)
Full-time teacher since 2018
De FranceLieu de résidence : Reims, France (17:54 UTC+02:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 18 Sep 2018
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I live in the north-east of France (near Reims), and I started teaching French in China from 2013 to 2017. My hobbies include learning languages and easy bits of history and science, but I'm interested in pretty much everything - especially if you say it in French!

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2,332 lessons completed
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Informal Tutoring
B1 -  C2

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569 lessons completed
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(Pre-2022 students: Standard French Course)
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260 avis

Chloé 蔡
22 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
6 mars 2022
Helen YAO
60 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Je me rends compte que J’ai pris les cours de français avec Thibaut pendant presque 1 année. J’ai fait beaucoup de progrès. Merci beaucoup, Thibaut.
3 oct. 2020
128 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Thibaut is one of the best language teachers I've studied from. Not only is he patient, attentive, and genuinely cares about language improvement, but he applies extremely useful language learning techniques including: 1. Quizlet: He personally prepares based on our lesson; additionally has sets you can browse through depending on your level 2. Audio files to aid in pronunciation: he makes clear recordings himself, as well as encourages creating your own so he can identify the exact area of misunderstanding) 3. Relevant homework and links There are so many French professors on Italki and I am so happy that I found him. I strongly recommend Thibaut for anyone serious about learning French. Thibaut - thank you so much, and I'm grateful to continue learning French from you.
12 mars 2020
William Goure
5 leçons en Français
Thibaut is fantastic, he is really helping me improve my understanding of French.
25 mai 2023
William Goure
5 leçons en Français
Thibaut has been exceptional in helping me improve my French!
17 mai 2023
William Goure
5 leçons en Français
Thibaut is fantastic. The themes and advanced work for the lessons are really great as they force me to think "in French" and push me to expand my vocabulary and knowledge of French grammar. Thibaut is also very helpful regarding improving my pronunciation. I am looking forward to my next lesson!
28 avr. 2023
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