Mohamed Ismael

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Arabe (égyptien)
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Certified teacher with 4 years teaching experience.
De ÉgypteLieu de résidence : Damanhur, Égypte (03:29 UTC+02:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 30 Apr 2021
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Hello! My name is Mohamed, I was born and raised in Egypt. I am a certified teacher in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. I have been teaching Arabic as a steady job for over 3 years. I teach both kids and adults of all levels. I also have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Alexandria. I have a passion for linguistics and have studied the English language in depth for over 4 years, giving me an advantage to communicate proficiently with English-speaking students especially beginners and intermediate.

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Arabe (égyptien)
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Arabe (égyptien)
198 leçons en Arabe
Choix du professeur
I really can't express enough how fantastic Mohamed is as a teacher. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about my native language (English) which means he can help explain and translate slang/colloquialisms to/from Arabic naturally. He also points out the cultural and linguistic origins of Arabic words and expressions which is fantastic for building a more intuitive and natural foundation in the language. I 100% agree with many of the other comments here - if you want to learn Arabic: Mohamed is the guy!
28 oct. 2022
98 leçons en Arabe (égyptien)
Choix du professeur
Best Arabic teacher on italki, if you want to learn Arabic properly, then look no further. Mohamed is the one to call!
21 août 2022
Matt Krupski
142 leçons en Arabe
Choix du professeur
If you are looking to learn Arabic than STOP RIGHT HERE! Hire Mohamed! He is an awesome teacher who is patient and knows how to tailor the lesson in a way that you will understand. He always knows how to relate it back to something in English and tries to find creative ways to help you remember. Before taking lessons with Mohamed I had taken 35 lessons with another teacher on this platform and I was just frustrated and stressed with the language and ready to give up until I gave Mohamed a try. He has made learning the language stress free and easy and I am so happy that I switched to him. He uses a curriculum that is proven and each lesson builds upon the previous so you can see and feel progress. He can give you history and origins of the words and has an in depth knowledge of the language. Don't look for any other teacher. Hire Mohamed Today!
17 juin 2022
bowie Lewis
18 leçons en Arabe
Would recommend! You’ll learn to read and write Arabic quite quickly and he teaches through experience (conversation, questions, etc). He has helped a ton with my learning
24 févr. 2024
48 leçons en Arabe
Mohammed is an excellent tutor. He connects well, works at my pace, and teaches cultural information mixed into the lesson.
11 févr. 2024
murtaza esmail
8 leçons en Arabe (égyptien)
I've done 3 lessons now with Mohamed and he's a brilliant teacher. Always punctual, replies quickly too. He is very patient with you and knows how to explain difficult concepts. Am convinced he is the right person to help me achieve my goal of speaking fluent arabic
23 janv. 2024
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