Mourad Hamdi

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Arabe (maghrébin)
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Chinois (mandarin)
Native French and International Certified Teacher with 11 years of Experience
De TunisieLieu de résidence : Tunis, Tunisie (12:05 UTC+01:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 18 Jul 2018
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! عسّلامة I am Mourad and I am from Tunisia. Being upbrought in a polyglot family deeply shaped my perception of the necessity to speak languages. During my spare time I love reading books, writing articles, and listening to music. Watching and debating movies is also one my favorite passtimes. Having the opportunity to travel around the world, I have been to China, Turkey, France, Russia etc, I managed to grasp the very importance of language and its communicative aspects. Once a wise man said " The more languages you speak, the more lives you've got". If you agree with this maxim and you are truly fond of learning languages, all the you have to do is to join my classes!

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337 leçons terminées
USD 17.99+
Arabic Starter
A1 -  B1


230 leçons terminées
USD 26.99+
Forfait avec 7% de réduction
Tunisian Arabic dialect Course!
A1 -  B1


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545 avis

Kaylamarie Servita
18 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Outstanding french teacher! Mourad is an exceptional french teacher, His passion for teaching make each class a joy. I'm always looking forward to our classes, He fosters a positive environment, boosting my confidence and language skills. I highly recommend! merci Mourad!
18 déc. 2023
Nathan Galvez
60 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Mourad is fantastic! He's fun to work with because he's super animated and energetic. He also puts together thoughtful teaching PDFs and tailors the lessons to my goals and needs. I would recommend him to anyone.
7 juil. 2023
78 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Mourad teaches our 10 year old son. He is very patient and engages him in the french language. He customizes the lesson plans to fit my sons language needs. Mourad has great communication and my son enjoys the lessons.
5 mai 2022
7 leçons en Français
Wonderful teacher!!!
25 févr. 2024
Karoline Irmscher
8 leçons en Français
Mourad is an excellent and patient teacher who combines a mix of materials to allow me to engage with the language on a deeper level. I look forward to each of my French lessons and can already see the benefits from his tailored approach, which is suited for my particular language learning needs and interests. Learning French never gets boring with Mourad and I cannot recommend him enough to anyone interested in taking their French to the next level!
23 févr. 2024
Morgan Wallace
9 leçons en Français
Voila! Vous avez trouvé votre professeur. Maintenant, depuis que j'ai pris beaucoup de leçons avec M. Hamdi, je peux le recommander facilement à tout le monde qui s'intéresse à apprendre les langues. Il est un professeur patient, professionnel, et incisif. Sa manière assurée va vous rendre à l'aise et confiant même si quand il vous corrige. N'hésitez pas à réservez une séance. There you go! You have found your professor. Now, since I’ve taken many lessons with Mr. Hamdi, I can easily recommend him to anyone interested in learning languages. He is a patient, professional and incisive teacher. His reassuring manner will make you comfortable and confident even while correcting you. Don’t hesitate - reserve a session.
21 févr. 2024
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