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Language nerd with a mission to make learning Italian fun but effective!
De ItalieLieu de résidence : Milan, Italie (05:12 UTC+02:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 14 Jun 2021
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I live in Milan, I have a degree in foreign language literature and have a passion for linguistics. Being from Milan, my accent is that from the Milan area. I enjoy learning about other people's languages and cultures and I'm a language learner myself (so I know the struggle!). My hobbies include reading fiction novels and essays on everything and anything, watching movies and learning languages. 🏳️‍⚧️ LGBTQ+ AFFIRMING!!! 🏳️‍🌈 ‼️PLEASE, IF YOU'RE A NEW STUDENT SEND ME A MESSAGE OR USE THE CONTACT FORM TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND YOUR LANGUAGE GOALS AS YOU BOOK YOUR FIRST LESSON. THANK YOU SO MUCH‼️

Leçons (Italien)

Leçon d'essai
335 leçons terminées
USD 8.00+
Parliamo italiano! / Let's speak Italian!
A2 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

2,692 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 10% de réduction
Beginners: grammar, reading, exercises, pronunciation, etc
A1 -  C2


835 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 10% de réduction
Lezione di gruppo (2 studenti) / Group lesson (2 students)
A1 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

18 leçons terminées
USD 20.00+
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243 avis

Élève BrunnerCara
106 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
Flavia is the Best. She asks incredibly fun and insightful questions. I want to i prove my italian to be able to converse with her better ;) 5 stars
5 oct. 2023
Élève Mae
31 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
Flavia is a wonderful teacher, she is very patient and supportive! We always end up having fascinating conversations during our lessons. From my lessons with Flavia, I noticed a huge boost in my confidence in speaking Italian, most importantly on a range of topics.
13 avr. 2023
Élève Mike Ferraco
Mike Ferraco
114 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
Flavia and I have completed almost 60 lessons together. She is a patient, kind, and expert Italian teacher. Flavia is fluent in Italian and English, but we hardly ever talk in English in our lessons. She does a great job of tailoring the lesson to my skill level, and speaking in Italian as much as possible. She is also great at increasing the difficulty level of the lesson as I have gained more experience with the language. She makes it just a little bit harder each time, by introducing new words or grammar concepts, that challenge me just enough, but still leave me feeling accomplished at the end of the lesson. Lessons on iTalki are the number one reason for my improved ability to speak Italian, and I attribute most of that to Flavia and her incredible teaching skills. If you are looking for an Italian teacher, don't hesitate anymore, choose Flavia!
27 oct. 2022
Élève Steve Beard
Steve Beard
2 leçons en Italien
Very useful and great practice.
20 mai 2024
Élève Steve Beard
Steve Beard
2 leçons en Italien
I really enjoyed my lesson with Flavia and she really helped me realise and use words I was not confident with. I almost feel s though I can talk Italian!! I'm definitely booking more lessons with Flavia when she is available.
17 mai 2024
Élève Richard Stafford
Richard Stafford
6 leçons en Italien
Just terrific. Love, love, love Flavia. A great and fun teacher
16 mai 2024
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