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Hello everyone! I am Rica. I am Japanese.I have lived in Singapore for a year and in Australia for one year. I love traveling and learning new languages. I love meeting new people while traveling and seeing different landscapes and views. Hope to meet you soon! みなさん、こんにちは!私の名前はRicaです。日本人です。現在は南アフリカに住んでいます。少し前までシンガポールに1年間、オーストラリアにも1年間住んでいました!私は旅行と新しい言語を学ぶ事が大好きです。また旅行先で新しい友達を作ったり、絶景を観に行ったりする事も大好きです。あなたに会えるのを楽しみにしています。

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Free conversation
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Japanese for beginners
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551 avis

Élève Vanzell Miller
Vanzell Miller
16 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Rica is easily one of the most upstanding teachers on this website, and you won't regret booking a lesson. Punctual, cordial, and understanding; all great attributes of an online tutor. Even if you feel uneasy, be assured that the atmosphere will be light and constructive for every minute of the session~
14 août 2023
Élève Ross
47 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
A lesson with Rica is always fun. We can speak on all topics and she'll introduce a new word for you to use with context. She speaks at her normal pace, which I really appreciate, as it allows me to maintain consistency with Japanese media and friends. Great lesson
8 août 2023
Élève Terry Baron
Terry Baron
34 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Rika makes learning Japanese very easy! I have fun every lesson talking to Rika sensei, you won't regret taking her lessons!
24 mars 2023
Élève Nick Midgley
Nick Midgley
10 leçons en Japonais
15 mai 2024
Élève Jonathan Hart
Jonathan Hart
3 leçons en Japonais
I've really enjoyed my free conversation with Rica - she takes very good notes and is extremely curious about my life, so we always have lots to talk about and I can refer back to the notes to pick up on any new grammar/vocabulary!
14 mai 2024
Élève charizard4249
13 leçons en Japonais
They were very encouraging and we got to talk about some topics using some slightly more advanced vocabulary. Rica is always very accommodating and always challenging me to use harder words or new words I've learned as we talk. I highly recommend Rica. She even makes it feel like we are good friends through the lesson.
10 mai 2024
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