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Learn authentic French in a positive and enthusiastic way!
De FranceLieu de résidence : Siem Reab, Cambodge (06:05 UTC+07:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 11 Jun 2019
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Je suis Cloé, une jeune architecte de 29 ans. Curieuse et voyageuse, je me suis passionnée par la découverte de nouvelles cultures 🌍︎ J'aime rencontrer, découvrir et surtout partager. En parallèle de mon travail en architecture, j'ai donc à coeur de partager ma culture française en enseignant ma langue maternelle, le français 🇫🇷 _________ I'm Cloé, a 29-year-old architect. Nomadic and curious, I'm passionate about discovering new cultures 🌍︎ I love meeting, discovering and, above all, sharing. Alongside my work in architecture, I'm keen to share my French culture by teaching my mother tongue, French 🇫🇷

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133 avis

Élève Gordon
9 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
This class was brilliant - the absolute perfect balance between structured and free-flowing, and between correcting my silly mistakes and helping me feel motivated and supported. Parfait 😁
14 mai 2020
Élève Christian
50 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Cloe is a really great teacher, she is always very helpful and patient and she she puts in a lot of effort to mold the lessons to things that I enjoy talking about. I really enjoyed talking about the history of American music today
12 avr. 2020
Élève Gareth
17 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Cloé is very easy to talk to, she asks lots of questions and does a good job of keeping the conversation going. I would recommend her highly. Thank you Cloé for another enjoyable session, see you next time :)
3 août 2019
Élève Camilla
2 leçons en Français
Despite my rusty and basic french, Cloé made me feel completely at ease. Our first lesson was both fun and stimulating, tailored perfectly to my level. I can anticipate I'll have a lot of fun re-learing french with her!
7 mai 2024
Élève Clare Ainsworth
Clare Ainsworth
95 leçons en Français
Cloé is an excellent teacher; she is unfailingly organised, and always pleasant and easygoing. During our conversations she is able to unobtrusively provide me with feedback without disrupting the natural flow of our interaction. She is adaptable to my needs- although I prefer to use my sessions for informal conversations in order to practice my oral expression, we have at times done more formal grammatical exercises, and she is always happy to give me very helpful feedback on my written french. Overall, my interactions with her have been delightful!
1 mars 2024
Élève Mario Dobernig
Mario Dobernig
5 leçons en Français
La leçon était excellente.
24 févr. 2024
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