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⭐Lively chats, exercise your mind, share laughs⭐Immerse in the joy of learning Spanish together
De MexiqueLieu de résidence : Other, Italie (22:12 UTC+02:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 13 Nov 2019
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Immerse yourself in the Spanish language through a delightfully engaging journey with me! I have a deep passion for reading, films, and a wealth of cultural insights, quirky facts and memes - learning will be an enjoyable and engaging experience. Drawing from my extensive knowledge of dialectal variations, our lessons will explore the richness of Spanish in depth. Born from years of experience, my specialization in Teaching Spanish, and studies in History and Anthropology, I'll provide an entertaining experience infused with great humor. Under my guidance, you'll expand your horizons while truly enjoying the path to fluency. ¡Vamos a disfrutar este viaje juntos!

Leçons (Espagnol)

Leçon d'essai
51 leçons terminées
USD 15.00+
Curso de español intermedio: B1/B2
B1 -  B2


1,104 leçons terminées
USD 20.00+
Forfait avec 17% de réduction
Conversación nivel básico: A1/A2
A1 -  A2

Pratique de la conversation

376 leçons terminées
USD 16.00+
Forfait avec 17% de réduction
DELE y SIELE. Prueba oral y prueba escrita
A2 -  C2

Préparation de test

78 leçons terminées
USD 24.00
Forfait avec 15% de réduction
Conversación o curso de nivel avanzado: B2/C1/C2
C1 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

678 leçons terminées
USD 16.00+
Forfait avec 17% de réduction
Conversación nivel intermedio: B1/B2
B1 -  B2

Pratique de la conversation

641 leçons terminées
USD 16.00+
Forfait avec 17% de réduction
Spanish lessons for absolute beginners and beginners (A1/A2)


763 leçons terminées
USD 20.00+
Forfait avec 17% de réduction


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267 avis

Élève monika.richner
3 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
Ingrid is a great teacher. I really enjoy learning Spanish with her. She creates a very pleasant atmosphere, we talk a lot, she corrects my mistakes and explains things very well. I’ve already learnt a lot. I highly recommend Ingrid as a Spanish teacher. I’m looking forward to our next lesson 😊
20 mai 2024
Élève Alan
7 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
No puedo enfatizar lo suficiente qué genial es Ingrid. Es super profesional, divertida, y paciente. Sabe cómo desarrollar conversaciones desafiantes, para que aproveche lo máximo de la clase. Siempre el tiempo pasa volando, y me lo paso genial.
28 sept. 2023
Élève Max
8 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
Book a lesson with Ingrid now !!! Ingrid speaks very clearly and will adapt to your level. Never have I understood so much of what a teacher was communicating to me. I feel accepted and allowed to make mistakes when talking to her. It's very easy to laugh with Ingrid; she is an all-around pleasant human. In essence Ingrid is the definition of a professional teacher and her time is worth every penny. Additionally, Ingrid has a ton of interesting facts to share on a variety of fascinating topics. A 10/10 Experience regarding advancing my Spanish, my geographical and historical knowledge, and having fun.
16 mars 2023
Élève Kristyne Potter
Kristyne Potter
5 leçons en Espagnol
Gracias por la clase! Ingrid es muy paciente y yo aprendí mucho en una hora. Ella es una maestra excelente
31 mai 2024
Élève Templebird
1 leçon en Espagnol
Ingrid is a lovely teacher, very calm and friendly. I enjoyed my first conversation class with her : )
5 mars 2024
Élève Zach
12 leçons en Espagnol
I’ve had several classes with Ingrid and she is excellent. She is helping me toward my goals and pushes me in a very supportive way each class. Conversations flow and she is great at supportive feedback and always giving context to help understand why certain words/phrases are used.
21 févr. 2024

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