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New! Practice natural conversation through TV dramas. ドラマで自然な会話を練習しよう。
De JaponLieu de résidence : Funabashi, Japon (13:05 UTC+09:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 12 Jan 2021
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日本語学校や地域の日本語教室でレッスンをしていたことがあります。I have taught at Japanese language schools and local Japanese language classes. 好きなこと:映画、ドラマ、昼寝、ジョギング、孫と遊ぶこと。 Likes: Watching movies and dramas, napping, jogging, playing with my granddaughter. 苦手なこと:早起き。I am a night owl. 好きな食べ物:カレーうどん 今までの仕事:PCインストラクター、事務、営業など。 I have worked as a PC instructor, an office worker, and a salesperson. 孫は2歳です。とてもかわいい女の子です。 My granddaughter is two year old. She is soooooo cute.

Leçons (Japonais)

Leçon d'essai
144 leçons terminées
USD 5.00+
Free talking and conversation in natural Japanese. 自然な日本語で話しましょう
A2 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

717 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 16% de réduction
Conversation lessons with grammar 会話で文法も学べます。(初心者から)
A1 -  B1


468 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 15% de réduction
Recommend for people who have learned grammar but are not good at speaking. 文法は習ったけど、話すのが苦手な人におすすめ。
A2 -  C1


595 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 15% de réduction
Group Lessons 友だちや家族と一緒にレッスン
A1 -  B1


62 leçons terminées
USD 18.00+
Practice natural conversation through TV dramas. ~Use strategies~ ドラマで自然な会話を練習します。ストラテジーについて考えます。
A2 -  B1

Pratique de la conversation

18 leçons terminées
USD 12.00+


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Élève Lucie-明玉
2 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
JunJun先生と会話するといつも面白い話になっています。優しく単語や文法を与えてくれます。本当にストレスフリーな授業です! 次のレッソンを楽しみしています。
16 mai 2024
Élève Ana
18 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Learning with JunJun is an amazing experience. She is patient and helpful. She guesses all my weird phrases and attempts at linguistic creativity and helps me get it right what I want to say. She has a great talent for explanation and manages to clarify grammar aspects through easy examples and very clear wording. You would think that at A1/A2 level I could never understand such an explanation in Japanese but JunJun makes it possible. She keeps a structure to the lesson that helps me repeat and practice vocabulary (first greetings, then something about weather, recently we started talking about my day). She adjusts the structure as I progress and is very flexible about the lesson content - she pretty much goes with whatever I need the most at the moment. She adjusts the exercises, their form and the speed of progress to the way I learn. The lesson is very personalized. She is also very motivating and shows a lot of enthusiasm at every progress I make. Great teacher.
29 mars 2024
Élève Paris
32 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
The lesson was almost entirely in Japanese until we got stuck which really forces you to listen and emerge yourself in the lesson. It was exceptionally fun and encouraging, and I cant wait for more!
12 janv. 2024
Élève Scott Prager
Scott Prager
1 leçon en Japonais
17 avr. 2024
Élève Ana
18 leçons en Japonais
Great lesson as always. Learning with JunJun is not only efficient but also fun.
26 mars 2024
Élève chibi gogo
chibi gogo
1 leçon en Japonais
First time I join Italki with Junjun sensei. It was nice conversation with her. Seems she had a lot of experience in teaching, so she knows the best way to improve my japanese language. I think I will follow her suggestion. Thank you Junjun sensei.
15 févr. 2024
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