Professeur en Russe Stanislava


Enseignant professionnel
Professional Russian language teacher
De Fédération de RussieLieu de résidence : Geneva, Suisse (04:06 UTC+02:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 5 Feb 2022
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My name is Stanislava and I was born and raised in Moscow. I'm a professor at a university in Geneva, Switzerland. I also lived and worked in such beautiful countries as Cambodia and Mongolia and it was a wonderful experience which I would definitely like to repeat! My passions are travelling, reading, history and different cultures and customs. Besides Russian which is my mother tongue, I speak advanced English and upper intermediate French.

Leçons (Russe)

Russian Basics for Beginners - Основы русского языка для начинающих
A1 -  A2


108 leçons terminées
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Russian phonetics - Фонетика русского языка
A1 -  C1


23 leçons terminées
USD 17.00+
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Business Russian - Русский язык в бизнес-целях
B1 -  C2


22 leçons terminées
USD 21.00+
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General Russian - Русский язык для общих целей
B1 -  C1


112 leçons terminées
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Conversation in Russian- Разговорный русский язык
B2 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

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A1 -  C2

Préparation de test

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29 avis

Élève Josephine
21 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
I really enjoy Stanislava's lesson on business Russian. She knows how to make them interesting and challenging at the same time. Thank you very much, Stanislava!
31 mars 2023
Élève Shari Perkins
Shari Perkins
86 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
I have been working with Stanislava three times per week for several weeks with particular attention on improving my ability to speak in Russian about my professional field, theatre. She always puts effort into finding audio and visual materials that are relevant and interesting, and we discuss them in detail during our lessons. We are also working on correcting my most common grammatical errors. I am definitely speaking with more ease already, and discussing more difficult and abstract topics.
20 janv. 2023
Élève Chloé
7 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
Stanislava is an awesome teacher! You can tell how professional she is by how she really adapts her lessons and homework to your needs. For advanced levels, she takes the time to give numerous and very useful comments on how to add even more nuance to your speech, so you never stop improving. That’s exactly what I needed and I’m very grateful. She really helps me reach my goals. I’m sure she’ll help you to reach yours too, no matter what your level is. Don’t hesitate and book a lesson with her! Спасибо за всё! 🤗
1 déc. 2022
Élève Michael Preston
Michael Preston
2 leçons en Russe
I had a very fun lesson with Stanislava! Thank you so much :)
12 févr. 2024
Élève Nicole
10 leçons en Russe
My lessons with Stanislava are absolutely incredible. She tailors them to exactly what I need, and she is super organized. She gives me homework to do between lessons that is interesting and relevant, and we use that as the topic of discussion during subsequent lessons. She explains grammar concepts so clearly and helpfully as well. Aside from all this, she's fun and I love the lessons! Highly, highly recommended!!
14 déc. 2023
Élève Steven Shaffer
Steven Shaffer
1 leçon en Russe
Instructor was very polite and helpful.
1 déc. 2023
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