Professeur en Italien Luca Manish Penna

Luca Manish Penna

Enseignant professionnel
Insegnante di italiano certificato con 5 anni di esperienza
De ItalieLieu de résidence : Palermo, Italie (06:00 UTC+02:00)
À propos de moi
Professeur italki depuis le 20 May 2021
Sujets d'intérêtScienceMusiqueSportVoyagesJeux
Ciao!! My name is Manish, I am a 31 years old Italian guy with experience in Italian teaching. My educational background mainly concern teaching italian and foreign languages and I always have been passionate about music and travelling. After graduating at at University of Palermo in "Languages and modern literatures linguistic mediation and italian as a foreign language". I decided to get an Msc at University for Foreigners of Perugia in "italian teaching for foreigners", completed in 2019. Now, i got CEDILS certification for italian teaching to foreigners, issued by University Ca'Foscari Venezia I am currently teaching italian to foreigners in a primary school in Turin!

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Lezione generale di italiano / General Italian Lesson / Clase de italiano general
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Italiano per bambini / Italian for kids
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27 avis

Élève Barbara
27 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
Having completed my 22nd Italian lesson with Manish, I can say without hesitation that he is an excellent teacher, and one that I will definitely continue to work with. His class combines conversational practice and grammar. Going into his lessons, my grasp of Italian grammar was uneven. He has built personalized lessons that have first addressed the most glaring holes in my knowledge. Likewise, he has a knack for fine-tuning the difficulty of the exercises to meet my level of understanding. Homework is varied and geared to my interests, giving me ample opportunity to practice writing, reading comprehension and listening skills between classes. I always learn something of Italian culture in the topics we cover. Ample time is devoted to conversational practice, and he provides helpful feedback on pronunciation, vocabulary, and idioms, while maintaining a natural conversational flow. Enthusiastic, patient, and resourceful, with his guidance I have made great strides in leaning Italian.
26 mars 2024
Élève Rodrigo
11 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
Me gustó mucho mi primera clase de prueba con Manish, se puede ver que es un excelente profesor. Bien organizado y con dinámicas muy interesantes. Estoy iniciándome en el italiano y supo adaptar sus actividades a mi nivel y mis necesidades. Estoy ansioso por continuar aprendiendo con él 🙌
28 mars 2023
Élève Kenneth
1 leçon en Italien
Choix du professeur
I had a fantastic lesson with Manish this morning. He is very friendly and welcoming. We were able to speak about a variety of topics, and the time went by very quickly. Also, his Italian is crystal clear, which is great for people who are learning the language. Grazie mille !
30 mai 2021
Élève Jose Luis Andrade T.
Jose Luis Andrade T.
5 leçons en Italien
Magnifica clase.
21 mars 2024
Élève Jose Luis Andrade T.
Jose Luis Andrade T.
5 leçons en Italien
El tiempo pasa rápido porque la conversación va fluida e interesante. Buenas preguntas para contestar dentro del entorno de la clase.
14 mars 2024
Élève Jose Luis Andrade T.
Jose Luis Andrade T.
5 leçons en Italien
Buena experiencia. He aprendido bastante.
14 mars 2024
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