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German native speaker (Standard German) with a passion for teaching and learning languages.
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Professeur italki depuis le 13 May 2020
Hi there! My name's Barbara, I'm from Germany, and I'm excited to be able to offer conversation practice as a German native speaker here on Italki! I am really talkative, very patient, flexible and open-minded. I started tutoring at a young age when my English teacher at high school asked me whether I was willing to give private English lessons to some of his students. That was the moment I realised how much I enjoyed teaching which I then maintained for many years. I have a degree as a Foreign Language Correspondent for English and have been using Business English as well as some French and Spanish throughout my career while working for various international companies.

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Informal Tutoring in German / Conversation Practice and More / Konversationspraxis und mehr (A2/B1 - C2)
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255 avis

Jonathan Lange
76 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Another great lesson with Barbara! I’ve been learning German with her for over a year and strongly recommend her. She’s very helpful, patient, and fun to talk to.
8 août 2021
Bartek Karczewski
58 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Thanks a lot, Barbara for another lesson! As always very professional, informative and in such a friendly atmosphere! Highly recommended to anyone!
6 mai 2021
Teacher Diane
12 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
I have had several lessons with Barbara and I have found her an excellent teacher - I'm really enjoying my German!
17 juil. 2020
17 leçons en Allemand
Super, toujours un plaisir. Mes enfants apprécient beaucoup Barbara .
25 janv. 2023
Karen Bergeron
79 leçons en Allemand
I can't thank Barbara enough for her patience in helping me work some really dry learning materials. She's fantastic about helping find the right translation and word usage between German and English.
15 janv. 2023
Karen Bergeron
79 leçons en Allemand
I find our sessions very products. Barbara is fantastic about recommending other resources to support my learning goals and I can tell from reviewing my notes that I am making progress.
8 janv. 2023
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