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My name is Guido, I am 54 years old and German is my native language. I am a graduated translator (University of Heidelberg/Germany) since 1995. After 3 years of work in 3 different companies, I became a flight attendant at Lufthansa German Airlines in 1998. In 2015 I got my certificate from the Teacher Training Institute as a teacher for German as a second language.

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Leçon d'essai
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Talk like a German - Conversation made easy B1-C2
B2 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

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German for language "maniacs" - We'll go into details A2-C2
A1 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

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German for absolute beginners - A1
A1 -  B2

Pratique de la conversation

239 leçons terminées
USD 18.00+
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235 avis

20 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Guido is a great teacher. He explains grammar very well and it is very interesting to work with him. I'm looking forward to new German lessons.
1 sept. 2020
Andriy Mykytiv
13 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Guido ist echt ein sehr interesanter Gesprächspartner. Man kann seine Erfahrung in jedem Bereich sehen. Ich freue mich sehr Guido auf Italki getroffen zu haben.
24 août 2020
Tomasz Brzózka
21 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Świetny kontakt, dużo swobodnej atmosfery, luźna, spontaniczna rozmowa i pełne zaangażowanie Guido są bardzo pomocne.
19 août 2020
Adam Kwiatkowski
78 leçons en Allemand
Great Tutor! Friendly, helpful, professional, well-organized, totally recommended!
1 sept. 2022
Geraldine Cox
3 leçons en Allemand
Guido is a fun, friendly and interesting teacher. I really enjoyed creating stories for lovely classic cartoon imagery. It was a great way to widen my vocabulary and improve my everyday German. Working with strong and entertaining visuals also helps me remember. I'm looking forward to the next class.
9 août 2022
Alex Lingle
14 leçons en Allemand
Guido is a great tutor with a great attitude. he is always available to help and give advice, and he is very flexible. He's able to adapt his teaching style to fit the needs of the student: in my case, a very wide but shallow Knowledge of the German language. he's helped me to go deeper and several times has found new ways to practice and teach the language with me as we've had lessons together the last 2 months. i love working with Guido and I'm so thankful I found him for my German tutor!
26 juil. 2022
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