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Hello everybody and welcome to my profile :) . My name is Randa, i live in Turkey and I am a qualified Turkish-Arabic Arabic Turkish translator in addition to be a teacher for both languages to non native speakers.

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Levantine Arabic \ MSA conversation lessons
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Levantine Arabic
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Turkish/ Arabic for kids under 12
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I have been having arabic lessons with Randa for several weeks now and I am very happy. Randa was able to understand at the very beginning what I specifically needed from the lessons. She prepares the lessons very well before-hand, geared to my specific needs, and as a result I have found every aspect of each lesson very useful and I believe my progress in this language will greatly benefit from having such a great teacher. Her fluency is english really helps as well.
24 déc. 2020
139 leçons en Arabe
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The best thing about my lessons with Randa is that we use the Arabic language in an authentic way, discussing everyday issues that are both stimulating and challenging. Randa provides an excellent balance of authentic conversation, coupled with grammatical pointers to improve the accuracy of my spoken language. Our lessons motivate me to use what we have discussed in class with my Arabic speaking family. Although I make many mistakes, Randa is always very encouraging.
25 sept. 2020
92 leçons en Arabe
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Randa Ahmad is an amazing tutor!!! She is professional and on time every time. My 12 year old is taking Arabic lessons and my daughter cannot wait for each new lesson. Randa has made the Arabic lessons fun and picks out age appropriate topics that engage my child. My daughter's primary language is English and she also understands and speaks Turkish and Arabic to some degree. My daughter needed to improve upon her conversational Arabic skills and learn a deeper vocabulary base for Turkish. It is wonderful that Randa can speak all three languages. Randa is teaching Arabic and using Turkish to help support with words and sentences. It enhances my daughter's learning of two languages and I could not be happier.
1 juil. 2020
1 leçon en Arabe
Very good teacher.
12 janv. 2024
Farah Ali
26 leçons en Turc
I've used Italki for studying various languages, and Randa is the only instructor I've stuck with for more than a few months (I'm a language and linguistics professor, and I think that makes me a terribly picky student!) She is always on time and incredibly organized. Sessions are structured so we learn vocabulary/grammar, but then also practice it, usually through questions and answers. While I'm just a beginner with Turkish and can't understand 100% of the time, and often struggle to put sentences together, I appreciate that I'm still held to that expectation of at least attempting linguistic immersion for the duration of our sessions. It's challenging, but ultimately the best way to learn a language. I also love that I have access to slides and screenshots of the whiteboard from each session, as it helps me with reviewing material. She also gives small homework assignments, which I also appreciate, as it helps to get some additional practice between sessions. I definitely recommend!
10 janv. 2024
Wirawan Camilia
1 leçon en Arabe
19 nov. 2023
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