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Learn to speak with tender, love, and care
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Professeur italki depuis le 12 Jun 2020
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I am Maitri. I am from Tripura, a beautiful, small, and hilly state in India. Bengali is my mother tongue and I studied Hindi from childhood.As a vivid traveler I have traveled throughout my country and abroad. Meeting people from different linguistic spaces is my favorite pastime. I love listening to others’ experiences, stories, and narratives. Exploring foreign cultures, customs, costumes, and cuisines, thrills me.Having collected a lot of memories and experiences myself while traveling and spending time with various people from different Indian territories,I love sharing those stories too. I enjoy learning new languages and would love to share the knowledge of my languages with everyone.

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Popular Bengali Language Course for the Beginner to Intermediate Student
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Focused Course for intermediate and advanced learners to improve on existing Bengali skills
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Pratique de la conversation

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Advanced Course for Business People
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Élève Bryan David Beers
Bryan David Beers
82 leçons en Bengali
Choix du professeur
মৈত্রী, ধনাবাদ! I have been studying Bengali with Maitri for a year now, and I can’t say enough about what a fantastic, organized teacher she is of her native language! I’ve had native Bengali speakers compliment me on how well-rounded my Bengali has become over the last year and it is all thanks to Maitri and her amazing teaching techniques. She is tough and fair, mixes langauge lesson with cultural and historic facts, and makes sure I’m applying what I learn each week. I love languages and have studied them before, but it’s been rare to find a one on one teacher like her that can help someone improve at a steady but knowledgeable pace. The Bengali foundation I have been building over the last year is strong because of all her hard work, I HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher and as a friend!
17 févr. 2024
Élève James
73 leçons en Bengali
Choix du professeur
Another really good lesson. Maitri adapted it really well as I wanted to start reading. And we started reading the Ramayana in Bangla. Really exciting and enjoyable. Thank you.
15 févr. 2024
Élève Federica
10 leçons en Bengali
Choix du professeur
Lessons with Maitri are always so nice! She is very competent, explaining things clearly and with patience, at the same time having a really friendly way of teaching. I enjoy talk to her and definitely will keep learning Bengali with her! :)
21 déc. 2023
Élève Michael
3 leçons en Hindi
Maitri explained that consonants 11 and 16 ... 15 and 20 were very similar one to one in sound, but usage was different, and also, that often a vowel within a word isn't written. I'm starting to get it, from looking at words.
20 mai 2024
Élève Michael
3 leçons en Bengali
Laying the groundwork for long-term study! Maitri provided a very organized plan involving the four skills, and she suggested key resources for songs and cartoons. I'm encouraged by her approach!
13 mai 2024
Élève Brandon Walsh
Brandon Walsh
13 leçons en Bengali
Maitri is a wonderful teacher! Her lesson plans are well thought out and easy to follow. I'm learning a lot already!
24 avr. 2024
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