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My name’s Joseph, I’m a 28 year old Born and raised in the beautiful city of Paris, France. I am half Spanish on my mother’s side, and French from my father’s, so speaking and hearing various languages was always a part of my home and upbringing. I realised the importance of speaking multiple languages in today’s world when I first moved abroad and got my dream job in the music industry in Hong Kong. Being fluent in French, English and Spanish, became my biggest asset while working in an international environment. I’m convinced that learning and mastering a foreign language is going to open doors to a whole new world of possibilities and expand your perspectives !

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Grammar bootcamp ! (A1 to C2)
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Joseph is, by far, the best French teacher I've had. I finally feel confident in my language skills with his customized lessons and good ear for corrections during the lesson. I took French for 2+ years before working with Joseph and I've learned more in the last 6 months with him, than I did with other teachers. He's the best and the reason I come back to italki. You wouldn't be making a mistake by working with him! Thanks Joseph!!
9 mars 2023
Fairyal Day
136 leçons en Français
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I used to dread taking French conversational classes because I felt so outside of my comfort zone. After having taken dozens of classes with Joseph, my confidence in speaking has improved tremendously which I would not have been able to achieve without his tutoring. French classes used to feel like a chore but now feel like a welcome reprieve from my workday. A huge thank you to Joseph for making such an impact on my learning!
15 nov. 2022
27 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
I work long hours and after I come home, sometimes I really dread having class and having to use my brain again - but with Joseph, it's never a chore, it's always a pleasure. He is a great teacher, I feel lucky to have found him.
3 nov. 2022
Zachary Breland
37 leçons en Français
Joseph is the best teacher I've had. He makes each lesson fun and enjoyable. He offers gentle challenges to make sure I'm not being lazy; yet is equally flexible and chill when our lessons fall by the waist side because our natural conversation takes over and we end up discussing current events that contain new and interesting vocabulary. 10/10. Would recommend.
23 mai 2023
1 leçon en Français
Really enjoyable and informative 😊
23 mai 2023
15 leçons en Français
Interesting topics today.
15 mai 2023
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