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Khmer (cambodgien)
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Professeur italki depuis le 30 Oct 2020
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Je m'appelle Salomé et je suis française, originaire de Paris. J'ai un diplôme de philosophie à La Sorbonne, ainsi qu'un Master II en Marketing du Luxe à l'école de commerce ISTEC Paris. Je suis passionnée de littérature, de cinéma et de photographie. Je suis également professeure de yoga certifiée. My name is Salomé and I am French, from Paris. I have a philosophy degree from La Sorbonne, and a Master II in Luxury Marketing at the business school ISTEC Paris. I love litterature, cinema and photography. I am also a certified yoga teacher.

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Leçon d'essai
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Conversation française (avec corrections) : Expression - Compréhension - Prononciation Informal tutoring : Speaking - Listening - Pronunciation
A1 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

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BUSINESS : Faire son CV en français & Préparation d'entretien d'embauche / How to write a great French CV & Job interview in French
B1 -  C2


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USD 23.00+
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Cinéma français : Apprenez notre langue avec Rohmer, Godard, Truffaut, Louis Malle... Compréhension et expression orale – Niveaux intermédiaires à avancés
B1 -  C2


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Forfait avec 6% de réduction
Littérature française : Apprenez notre langue avec Maupassant, Rimbaud, Proust, Zola, Camus, Duras... Lecture et compréhension écrite – Niveaux intermédiaires à avancés
B1 -  C2


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DELF, DALF, DCL, TCF, TEF Intensive Preparation
A2 -  C2


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START FROM SCRATCH - French for Ultimate Beginners


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145 avis

Élève spaceinbetween
10 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
As an advanced learner (stuck at the B2+ plateau), I had been struggling to find tutors that could push me. I wasn't getting much out of informal free-flow conversation sessions and was looking for something more structured and mentally rigorous. Salomé offers uniquely interesting, intellectually stimulating structured lessons using challenging source material fit for native French speakers. While reading classic literature couched in long-winded, flowery language may seem daunting, she provides enough support and encouragement for you to conquer it. In addition to training written comprehension, she promotes your literary analysis skills with rich, thorough summaries that connect the chosen excerpt to culture, other literature, and even philosophy. So you get something that feels less like an off-the-cuff talk sesh and more like a proper college-level class.
15 janv. 2024
Élève Gitelman Gary
Gitelman Gary
22 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
A fantastic teacher - knowledgeable, efficient, strict, appropriately demanding, a total gangster of a teacher in the best sense of the word - Salome is generous, trustworthy and patient. Her teaching style will instantly lower your blood pressure and any remaining anxiety, helping build confidence outside your comfort zone from the start. Highly cultured, well-versed in the French and broader European literature and a vast array of works of great artistic value by legendary filmmakers, she will push you into a wide range of topics of conversation, challenging the muscle memory of your French vocabulary and grammar to keep up. Her energy, creativity, and interactive class style will inspire you to put in the effort and will make the inevitable improvement seem easy. Easy in fact, thanks to Salome's organizational and time management skills and her thoughtful selection of learning techniques.
22 oct. 2023
Élève Michael
190 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
I have sampled many French instructors on iTalki and I can honestly say that Salomé, with whom I have had more than fifty lessons, is among the best. Her calm demeanor and patience create the perfect environment for learning a foreign language. Her methods are varied and effective, using podcasts and movies to improve my aural comprehension, writing exercises to teach me grammar, and reading aloud to perfect my pronunciation. Her lessons stretch my abilities, and even my creativity. I wholeheartedly recommend Salomé to anyone who wants to master the French language.
20 févr. 2022
Élève Stefania Tejada
Stefania Tejada
2 leçons en Français
Had a great first lesson with Salomé! She provided a space for open communication focusing on the beauty of life experiences around the world, and cultural exchanges. She looked out for opportunities to correct or improve my vocabulary and understanding of the language.
15 mai 2024
Élève Robert
1 leçon en Français
Merci !
6 mars 2024
Élève Micki Ireland
Micki Ireland
3 leçons en Français
Salomé has a great vibe and I enjoyed my trial lesson with her. Looking forward to learning more from her!
6 mars 2024
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