Monika Harris

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De AllemagneLieu de résidence : Lyon, France (14:44 UTC+01:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 30 Mar 2021
I was born and raised in Northern Germany in the City of Kiel on the Baltic Sea with a love for languages. In my early twenties, I decided to study English and German in the U.S.A. I have lived and worked as a language instructor in the U.S. for over 25 years. I have travelled to Germany every year to visit friends and family. It is important to me to stay connected with the culture and the language that I love to teach and speak. I have also lived in France and England and am currently located in Brussels, Belgium with my husband, my two daughters and my rescue dog from Cyprus. In my free time, I read, play my guitar and go on long walks. I have also taken classes in French and Dutch.

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Conversation- Elementary German
A1 -  A2

Pratique de la conversation

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USD 10.00+
Forfait avec 20% de réduction
Conversation - Intermediate to Advanced German
B1 -  C2


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Conversation + Grammar
A1 -  B1


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26 avis

Marika Lamanuzzi
120 leçons en Allemand
Monika is a very good and prepared teacher :) During her lessons you never get bored. I got on well from the first day. Tranks to the teaching material she provides, I always have homework that motivates me. We do grammar, but we also read news or articles that interest me the most. And we talk a lot. She is always available for clarification and empathises a lot with the student. I made a lot of progress this year also thanks to her. I look forward to continuing together. Thank you very much :)
22 déc. 2023
Sara S.
11 leçons en Allemand
Hice la clase de prueba y me gustó mucho...voy a empezar el curso con ella... Muchas gracias
9 oct. 2023
Andrea Triznova
18 leçons en Allemand
Monika ist perfekt!!!:-))
1 déc. 2021
Elena Zhitomirskaya
50 leçons en Allemand
Liebe Monika, wir immer hatten wir heute viel geplaudert und dadurch habe ich wieder viel neues erlernt. Nach der Unterrich mit dir fühle ich mir sehr wohl und motiviert, weiter zu lernen. Vielen Dank dir dafür.
19 oct. 2021
110 leçons en Allemand
Sehr angenehmes Gespräch. Es hat mir Spaß mit dir zu sprechen. Ich freue mich auf die nächste Stunde.
17 sept. 2021
110 leçons en Allemand
Es hat mich gefreut dich kennenzulernen. Du bist so nette! Vielen Dank für das schöne Gespräch. Ich freue mich auf die nächste Stunde.
16 sept. 2021
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