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Danielle Swan

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✅Certified 💡3 Yrs Experience ❤️Passionate 🌈Asia afternoon slots available! Ideal for school kids!
De Afrique du SudLieu de résidence : Other, Afrique du Sud (16:49 UTC+02:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 10 Jun 2021
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Hi! I'm Danielle and I'm from sunny South Africa.🌞 Here's a bit about me: ➡️Some slots are reserved for regular students. Please message me.🙏⬅️ ✨ I'm a proud mom and passionate teacher with a love for languages! ✨ I'm patient, friendly, fun-loving, open-minded and easy to talk to. ✨ I'm TEFL-certified. ✨ I've taught beginner to advanced students of all ages. ✨ I have 2+ years experience teaching children and adults online. ✨ I am currently studying part-time towards a BA degree (English and Psychology). ✨ My home languages are English AND Afrikaans, and my accents are neutral and easy to understand. ✨ On weekends I like to spend time with my family (so sadly, I don't teach on weekends).

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Leçon d'essai
41 leçons terminées
USD 7.00+
🌈 Fun English for KIDS (age 5-12)✨ (Full phonics program available - Learn to read easily!) 📚🧸
A1 -  C2


1,940 leçons terminées
USD 16.00+
Forfait avec 6% de réduction
💼 General Business English
B1 -  C2


503 leçons terminées
USD 16.00+
Forfait avec 6% de réduction
⭐ General English (structured lessons)
A1 -  C1


426 leçons terminées
USD 15.50+
Forfait avec 5% de réduction
💬 Conversation Practice - Talk! Talk! Talk! Become more confident speaking English!💪
B1 -  C1

Pratique de la conversation

141 leçons terminées
USD 14.00+
Forfait avec 4% de réduction
🌏Group Course - Business English (please contact me for information)
B1 -  C1


10 leçons terminées
USD 35.00+


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53 avis

Élève amit kanfer
amit kanfer
85 leçons en Anglais
Choix du professeur
Danielle was our son's teacher for a full year, and we couldn't have asked for more. Danielle had a lot of patience and empathy, and our son is in a much much better place thanks to his time with Danielle. Our son was always happy to spend time with Danielle, sometimes even 3 times a week, and that tells the whole story. Highly recommended, great teacher with a very fair price. Thank you so much!
21 déc. 2023
Élève Vyacheslav Tkachenko
Vyacheslav Tkachenko
100 leçons en Anglais
Choix du professeur
I highly recommend Danielle as a teacher of English. If you are looking for a structured and professional approach to learning where different quality materials are used, you have got on the right page) I have been studying English with Danielle for 4 months, business communication and general topics are preferred. I constantly notice how my knowledge improves every day. Danielle is always prepared, attentive to details, and designs each lesson according to my needs or learning gaps) Moreover, she is always ready to break the ice and clear the air during conversations to find a common ground👌 Thanks for all the productive lessons🤝
25 mai 2022
Élève Andrei
121 leçons en Anglais
Choix du professeur
Danielle is an exceptional teacher. She has been teaching English to my daughter and we are in awe about her approach. The lessons are great fun, Danielle knows exactly how to keep a child interested and motivated using plenty of tricks, props, games, and songs. She has been very attentive to our needs and is focusing on the aspects of the language needing attention. We are very happy to have found Danielle and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.
7 juil. 2021
Élève Vitaliy Aleksandrov
Vitaliy Aleksandrov
1 leçon en Anglais
Danielle is amazing and absolutely friendly teacher, her lesson was very useful for me.
23 févr. 2024
Élève Zea
86 leçons en Anglais
She is really good teacher. She has nice skills to encourage student.
30 août 2023
Élève Alex Larson
Alex Larson
23 leçons en Afrikaans
First Lesson was a success! love it all forgot to say baie dankie!!
23 août 2023
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