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German for Beginners ~ Conversation Practice, Grammar & Excercises ~ German Text Correction Service
De AllemagneLieu de résidence : Erfurt, Allemagne (14:01 UTC+01:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 27 Aug 2021
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Hello lovely human, Thanks for clicking on my profile. :) I'm Veronika, born and bred in Thuringia, the so called "Green Heart of Germany". I love my country, its rich culture, old history (even though there are definitely some dark sides about it) and its beautiful nature. However I'm also curious about other amazing parts of our world so I recently lived in New Zealand for 2 and a half years, which was the biggest adventure of my life so far. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing stories and knowledge about our different cultures and lives. At the moment I live in Scotland where, if not working, I am active outdoors a lot to bike, walk or swim in the lakes.

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German for Beginners A1-A2
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Conversation Practice, Grammar & Exercises - the perfect blend for A2+ / 5 lessons - 1 topic, different aspects
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Pratique de la conversation

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German text correction / Korrektur deutscher Texte (offline) - 30 minutes = 150 words, 60 minutes = 300 words
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38 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
After learning with Veronika for a little over two months now, I have improved greatly on my confidence, pronunciation, and listening. She has awesome lesson plans, and plenty to review to make sure you grasp each lesson. Lots of scenario acting as well, which is very helpful. Highly recommend if you want to step up your German.
8 mars 2023
Maite Turet Simón
55 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Diese Lehrerin ist eine sehr geduldige Lehrerin, die dem Schüler viel Vertrauen vermittelt und alles mit einem großen Lächeln erklärt. Sie bereitet nicht nur zusätzliches Material für den Unterricht vor und passt sich perfekt an das vorzubereitende Niveau an, sondern sie arbeitet auch hart im Unterricht, um die Zweifel oder Schwächen der Schüler zu verstärken. Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass sie eine sehr tolerante Lehrerin mit einem großen kulturellen Hintergrund ist. Im Unterricht motiviert sie einen, hart zu arbeiten und ist zuverlässig. Ich kann ihren Unterricht nur wärmstens empfehlen.
15 janv. 2023
Vladimir Aseev
83 leçons en Allemand
Choix du professeur
Veronika does excellent job as a teacher. Our lessons are very useful, versatile, fun and never boring. She is always prepared. Can recommend.
19 oct. 2022
40 leçons en Allemand
Veronika is a supportive and encouraging tutor even when I feel I’m lagging behind! I’ve been learning with her for almost a year now and she always comes prepared with materials and it’s easy to understand the grammar and different expressions because she doesn’t hesitate to elaborate and try out different ways to explain when I have difficulties understanding something. Looking forward to our next lesson! :)
30 janv. 2024
sheryl watt
31 leçons en Allemand
Immer, es hat spaß gemacht :)
21 nov. 2023
40 leçons en Allemand
It’s such a pleasure talking with Veronika and she’s ever so gentle and helpful during the entire lesson all the time. I learn better without fear of making mistakes thanks to her patience and feedback. Thanks always!
14 nov. 2023
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