Yevgeni Yeliseyev

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Certified teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience (7 years of teaching Russian)
De Fédération de RussieLieu de résidence : Petrozavodsk, Fédération de Russie (06:24 UTC+03:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 7 Aug 2017
Sujets d'intérêtScienceFilmsVoyages
Hello, dear Russian language learners. I am coming back to iTalki and I am ready for sharing my knowledge with you. I am into everything related to languages. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced student, if you would like to improve your skills to be able to communicate well and watch news and movies in Russian, pass a Russian language exam or read Russian literature in the original -- I am ready to do my best to help you in reaching your goals. I live in northwestern Russia, I like to travel, watch foreign movies, I love music, playing the piano, I am interested in psychology, physics and different cultures. I am an open-minded person, so feel free to discuss any topic with me.

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569 avis

Iveta Trnková
4 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
Yevgeni is a great teacher. He is always well prepared with interesting questions for any topic I choose. He sends me the vocabulary in advance or explains it in the beginning of our lessons. He also gives me a very detailed feedback which is something I really need. He is really interesting to talk to and also very supportive so the time seems flying by during our lessons.
7 août 2019
125 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
We worked more on my pronunciation and practiced the correct usage of для, на, and за. I love Yevgeni's teaching style because he is able to explain complicated topics in a way that makes them much more simple to understand. It's obvious that he really enjoys helping his students with Russian :)
30 oct. 2017
255 leçons en Russe
Choix du professeur
I learned a lot in this lesson. Yevgeni is great at explaining grammar.
12 sept. 2017
Kevin K
2 leçons en Russe
Our lesson was very helpful and interesting. We use a great mix of grammar material and natural conversations.
1 déc. 2023
Kevin K
2 leçons en Russe
This was a very helpful lesson. Very practical and thorough explanations of grammar.
29 oct. 2023
Eme Manuel
12 leçons en Russe
Yevgeni is an out-of-this-world teacher, it was my 2nd Russian class and he was extremely patient and taught every single aspect of the language that I asked him. It's really a blessing to have teachers like him on Italki. Thanks again. This will be the first of many (maybe hundreds of lessons).
3 sept. 2023
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