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Essa Muhammed

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Want to speak like a native? Look no further: An Arabic tutor with over 5 years of experience
De ÉgypteLieu de résidence : Cairo, Égypte (05:33 UTC+03:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 30 Jul 2021
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Hello everyone, I'm Essa from Egypt your online Arabic teacher with over 5 years of experience. Thank you for visiting my profile. Every student will be a friend. I’ll do my best to support him/her and and correct any mistakes. I believe learning from your mistakes will help you learn quickly. I assure I will teach you the right way. I use my own files, recorded audios and videos and some books that will contribute to make learning Arabic easy and precise. I am flexible and have no problem in using other books that my student may prefer. Each lesson is customized and personalized for the student to make sure he/she reaches their goal as soon as possible What’s the wait? Let’s get started!

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Arabe (égyptien)
Arabe (standard moderne)
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Arabe (égyptien)
Élève Michael Skeen
Michael Skeen
7 leçons en Arabe (égyptien)
Choix du professeur
I usually go through Kallimni Arabi material with Essa. However this time he found a couple news articles, and went over them with me at my request. He was very patient as he helped me read aloud, to get correct pronunciation, etc., and most helpful as, over the course of our conversation, he wrote words I didn’t know into a shared spreadsheet, as I asked. Highly recommend! Thank you, Essa!
27 sept. 2022
Élève Priska Gius
Priska Gius
10 leçons en Arabe (égyptien)
Choix du professeur
Essa is a very good teacher. He provides great material and sends all the audios to the lessons. He is very helpful and explains well and with patience. Thank you!
6 févr. 2022
Élève Vic
20 leçons en Arabe (standard moderne)
Choix du professeur
My lesson with Essa was fantastic. He was able to deliver a well-organized lesson that accommodated my desire to practice speaking in Modern Standard Arabic and was patient with me while providing much needed corrections.
8 août 2021
Élève Santi Prats Moreu
Santi Prats Moreu
1 leçon en Arabe
Nice class, material ready to work. Thanks.
5 janv. 2024
Élève Ted
2 leçons en Arabe (égyptien)
First lesson with Essa was great! He came prepared and was very patient. I will definitely take more lessons with him in the future!
13 déc. 2023
Élève NIA 1997
NIA 1997
1 leçon en Arabe
I had a good experience in learning with this teacher. The teacher is very relaxed and casual. You don't feel stressed out and the good thing is your able to communicate in English. The teacher allows you. Some teachers don't . I had so many questions. The teacher answered my questions and explained it with full details. The teacher tailors the lesson according to your needs . Feel free to ask the teacher what you want to do in class. Overall, it was a very nice experience learning with this teacher. I tend to learn more from him and book many lessons with him in the future.
7 sept. 2023
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