Professeur en Espagnol Álvaro A. Phillips

Álvaro A. Phillips

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Learn Spanish from scratch or conversational Spanish with me!
De EspagneLieu de résidence : Barcelona, Espagne (22:43 UTC+02:00)
À propos de moi
Professeur italki depuis le 13 Sep 2021
Sujets d'intérêtHistoireSportArtFilmsMusique
Hi! 😊 My name is Álvaro, I am 26 years old and I am originally from Venezuela but i am living in Barcelona, Spain To let you know a little about me: I like to watch classic and independent movies, i like to listen to music (especially rock and pop), reading books such as philosophy and essays, i like art in general, italian food and learning about other cultures I am a lawyer, but my passion is the languages ​​and teaching Spanish since it is a language with a lot of historical importance and very useful if you want to work, study, travel or comunnicate with others

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Leçon d'essai
53 leçons terminées
USD 8.00+
Conversation classes for students of all levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) 💬
A1 -  C2

Pratique de la conversation

603 leçons terminées
USD 10.00+
Learn spanish from scratch! classes for students that are learning for the first time
A1 -  A2


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GROUP LESSONS! (conversation, grammar, vocabulary practice)
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131 avis

Élève Phil Brookes
Phil Brookes
8 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
Àlvaro was a brilliant conversation partner, very patient, and willing to understand the gist of what I was saying without getting caught up in the details, which helped keep the conversation moving and interesting.
21 févr. 2024
Élève Martha
23 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
Alvaro is a wonderful teacher. He is always willing to discuss topics that I recommend and he provides very useful feedback on my Spanish. I really enjoy taking classes with him.
28 août 2023
Élève Junjin
10 leçons en Espagnol
Choix du professeur
I took conversation classes with Alvaro. He is like your friend, very encouraging, supportive, tailored to your need. He makes me relaxed and speak out easily. The class is full of fun. Thank you Alvaro!
21 août 2022
Élève Mark Hedgecox
Mark Hedgecox
34 leçons en Espagnol
As always, really enjoyed my lesson with Alvaro, I always find him easy to talk to and really engaging. If you are looking for another teacher or thinking of booking a lesson for the first time I don't think you will be disappointed with Alvaro irrespective of your level.
28 sept. 2023
Élève Mikah
1 leçon en Espagnol
I enjoyed my conversation practice with Álvaro. He made me feel comfortable in speaking Spanish despite my current limited knowledge and helped me express myself better.
20 juil. 2023
Élève Mark Hedgecox
Mark Hedgecox
34 leçons en Espagnol
Brilliant as always, encouraging, supportive and engaging
29 mai 2023
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