Professeur en Arabe Adam Elmorsy

Adam Elmorsy

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Arabic teacher with 5k hours of teaching
De ÉgypteLieu de résidence : Cairo, Égypte (08:39 UTC+03:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 2 Sep 2021
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its me Adam El morsi ☺️ I am from Egypt( I think u know it😁) native Arabic speaker I was born in Kuwait (Arabian gulf country) But now I am living in Egypt 😆 graduated from Alsun(languages) faculty, Ain shams University I can speak in 1. Arabic (Egyption accent, Arabian gulf accent and sham accent) 2.English 3. Turkish 4. Germany I started to work as Arabic tutor when I was still student at my faculty I like my job really ❤️ Attended a lot of courses in teaching Arabic for non native Arabic speakers 💪 Until now I teach more than 1k student More than 5k hours I really proud of my students I want to help all the people to learn Arabic and Quran Iam here to help you❤️

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Arabic lessons
A2 -  C1


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Arabic Speaking and listening
A1 -  C1

Pratique de la conversation

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How to read Holy Quran
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37 avis

Arabe (égyptien)
Élève Jakub Roszkowski
Jakub Roszkowski
27 leçons en Arabe (égyptien)
Choix du professeur
Adam is a great teacher. I really enjoy learning with him. He teaches in a natural way and is very patient. He explains everything and shares many cultural insights which are very interesting and useful. I highly recommend learning Arabic (both standard and Egyptian) with Adam ☺️.
26 mars 2024
Élève Christine
16 leçons en Arabe
Choix du professeur
Adam is a wonderful tutor who is professional, energetic, and kind. I have completed seven lessons with Adam so far. During the process of selecting a tutor, Adam impressed me by thoroughly answering my questions and explaining how we would begin my Arabic language learning journey. During our trial lesson, Adam immediately made me feel comfortable through his light-hearted yet professional teaching style. I have a short attention span and lose focus quickly, but Adam is able to hold my interest throughout an hour long lesson. He introduces new topics or reviews our last lesson quickly, then I spend the majority of the lesson speaking, reading aloud, and practicing as he provides feedback. I find our lessons challenging but never overwhelming. Adam's positivity and passion for the Arabic language provide the confidence I need to continue learning. Thank you, Adam!
4 févr. 2024
Élève VLKN
85 leçons en Arabe
Choix du professeur
Adam has been my Arabic tutor for the last 6 months. He is an outstanding Arabic tutor, providing personalized and engaging lessons that uniquely blends language with cultural insights, enhancing both my linguistic abilities and cultural understanding of Arabic.
18 déc. 2023
Élève Alpha Diallo
Alpha Diallo
56 leçons en Arabe
Excellent teacher and great class as always!
29 juin 2024
Élève Nasser H
Nasser H
5 leçons en Arabe
Great lesson learned some new words
27 juin 2024
Élève Nasser H
Nasser H
5 leçons en Arabe
nice lesson
24 juin 2024
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