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We’re halfway through our New Year’s Resolutions. It’s time to reflect on the goals we set, and see how far we have come to reach our goals.
Some people may experience a language plateau during their learning process. You may feel that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to achieve significant improvement, especially after reaching an intermediate level. It is very tempting to give up learning at this moment. Read the article below and use the Prompt to share your opinions. Don’t forget to add either #MyMidReview2022 or #italkiAnniversary to your posts. 15 of you will have a chance to win $15 italki credits! 📖 https://www.italki.com/article/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqL5FA 👉 Prompts: - Chinese: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMmmz - English: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMmi6 - French: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMn1e - German: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMmwl - Italian: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMnBQ - Japanese: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMnLC - Korean: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMnGJ - Russian: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMn6X - Spanish: https://www.italki.com/prompt/ywFx0PW6kmZA6CX4yqMmrs
13 juillet 2022
As I said, I'd love to get B2 in the DELF exam. At the beginning of the year I started to pay attention to my listening skills because from my view it's a really important part in order to learn a new language, I could realize it when I had the Cambridge exam last year and it's also the most complicated ability for me. Most of the YouTubers that I follow said that it would be good idea if we listen to music or listen to a podcast and we repeat two or three times and even we can listen and read the transcript. I start with the habit in January and I remember that I had to modify the speed but now the "basic" podcast which I started I can listen to them in normal speed and I recently found more podcast and videos "a little bit advanced" to practice :) and I'm really happy. I also will take classes in this platform 💕 in order to practice my speaking ability, in fact I recently reserved a class because of the Italki anniversary discounts 😁😁 I'm really excited! And I hope I can continue to improve!
6 juillet 2022
Learning Chinese was not a New Year’s Resolution but I’m so glad that I started and I’m keen to continue. My learning methods have slowly evolved since I started 4 months ago and my top tips are as follows: 1) Use stories to learn (I’m currently testing out Olly Richard’s’ program Story Learning and have found some Graded Readers with text and audio that I haven’t yet purchased but I’ve found the previews quite good and am working on purchasing one to try - let me know if you’ve tried them yourself and if there’s any other recommendations). 2) Get lots of Comprehensible Input (I’ve used Channels on YouTube with teachers who use this method as well as the Mini Stories on the free version of the app LingQ. I also listen and read the articles on The Chairman’s Bao according to my level). I used to listen to some podcasts on here at iTalki but due to lack of time I haven’t kept it up and have gone off the app to other sources. Which leads me to my next tip 3). Find what interests you. This can be hard as a total beginner and beginner because there’s so many words we don’t know. Therefore the material we can understand may be limited and not exactly suited to our taste and the things we are interested in are written or produced at a level we’re not yet at. But there are options out there. You just have to look. Let me know in the comments if you’re having trouble looking for interesting material and what you’re interested in (i.e. reading, podcasts, music, etc) and I’ll see if I can help. Sorry in advance if I can’t. 4). If you have the time don’t waste it on flashcards. There are better ways to learn new words that don’t involve you sitting there memorising words in isolation. See above for some options. This may be controversial so take it with a grain of salt. It’s just based off my experience. I have a limited amount of time and motivation😄 so I’d rather spend it on something that will generate more motivation in me and have results. Continued in comments…
24 juin 2022
Studying Chinese has always been one of my favourite things to do when I have got some free time. Although I don't really spend a lot of time to do that because I'm doing my final year in university right now, but I'm so glad that I found a method that really suits with my goal right now. I want to share this to the community because I feel this could be beneficial to whoever learn a new language, typically the non-latin language. 1) Make it simple I used to use a lot of colour pen in my language notes. Turns out, I learn better when it's only black and white colour on my paper 2) Make a BIG notes I'm glad that I found this method. I always struggled to finish my Chinese book. I think the problem is not only about the lack of vocabulary that I have, but also about the colour from the book. Whilst novel is still waaay beyond my level, so hopefully one day I can make it. But honestly, I love this method. I just rewrite it on my notebook in the huge font and I can memorize more. And writing has a therapeutic effect too so it helps me a lot when I need to calm my nerves when doing my thesis consultation :) 3) Shadowing My man, I never hate this method since I was a kid (with English). For Chinese, I'd rather to immerse myself with the celebrity's LIVE and short interview to get an authentic way of conversation 4) Invest (time and money) I don't really have a lot of money to be able to book a lesson weekly, but I can afford it once or twice a month sometimes. So I always try to invest in my time more before the class. Really trying my best to being prepared with some questions because I know it's not easy for me to book a class :) I'm glad that I can also find a really good Chinese teacher with such a good match with me (price & personality) here. Huge thanks italki! 5) Learn from textbook I've got a lot of help from textbook too! Thank God that I found a really good Chinese textbook which is so helpful. It helps me a lot to understand the grammar and boost my vocab
4 juillet 2022
#MyMidReview2022 This year has been a really successful year, I've been learning 6 languages and have made significant progress with all of them. I am living in China so I learn Chinese everyday, but for the rest it goes as follows: Monday - Russian Tuesday - Vietnamese Wednesday - Thai Thursday - Japanese Friday - Korean Following this schedule I do 30 minute lessons from italki using a specific textbook, on a given day I will listen to the languagepod101 series podcasts, study grammar, learn on Duolingo, Lingodeer, Memrise, etc I've been doing this for about a year and the progress has been amazing, hopefully I will be able to live in each of these countries for a year, as I am an English teacher so hopefully there is some kind of work I can do The only thing I would change and have changed is giving myself less challenges, I have my language schedule and daily tasks on a calendar, and sometimes I give myself too many goals and it actually becomes a little stressful to do, so now on the weekends I take time to recharge and catch up with anything I didn't have time for before
5 juillet 2022
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