Berkay Özen

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Intern doctor with over 3 years of teaching experience
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I'm Berkay from Turkey, İzmir. I'm a 6th year medical student, also known as an intern doctor. I am interested in learning new languages and teaching my native language. I would like to be your Turkish tutor on italki!

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Turkish Basics for Beginners
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Advanced Turkish Course
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Let's speak Turkish
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Usman Aman
26 lezione/i di Turco
La scelta dell'insegnante
I highly recommend Berkay as a Turkish teacher on iTalki. He is always punctual, friendly, and willing to help his students with any questions they may have. Berkay's teaching style is highly effective, and he delivers his lessons with enthusiasm and passion. He uses real-life examples and interactive activities to engage his students and make the learning experience enjoyable. What sets Berkay apart from other Turkish teachers is his patience and willingness to answer questions, ensuring that his students have a complete understanding of the topics covered in his lessons. Overall, Berkay is an outstanding teacher who is highly recommended for anyone looking to learn Turkish on iTalki.
23 mar 2023
6 lezione/i di Turco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Really happy with Berkay so far, he has a friendly, approachable, and professional style. He speaks excellent Turkish and English, and I'm excited for my Turkish learning journey with him! Highly recommended!
1 nov 2022
ameer raddad
23 lezione/i di Turco
La scelta dell'insegnante
Berkay is a great, kind and patient teache. providing materials and excersises to improve speaking, writing and reading skills I strongly recommend to book lessons with him especially for those who is planning to work in the medical field in turkey
12 ott 2022
Usman Aman
26 lezione/i di Turco
Berkey is an exceptional teacher! Despite a four-month hiatus I took for personal reasons, he maintained a calm, creative, and energetic demeanor throughout our revision class. He helped me review everything we had previously learned and even assigned homework. His trustworthiness and patience were evident. I highly recommend him!
12 ott 2023
Yasmine Alaa
1 lezione/i di Turco
Berkay's lessons combine both enjoyable and informative in one !
20 apr 2023
Usman Aman
26 lezione/i di Turco
excellent interactive lesson as always
9 mar 2023
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