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Anna 애나샘

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Experienced teaching Korean to immigrants.
Da Repubblica di CoreaVive a Seoul, Repubblica di Corea (22:22 UTC+09:00)
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Insegnante di italki dal 20 Jul 2021
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* I'll provide vocabularies pdf files. * I'll also provide some practicing materials about grammar. * In my class, You can review with PPT shows. * I'll teach you more easily and fun. ** I'm looking forward to seeing you. ** I was born in Korea and raised in Korea. I'm a native speaker. I have experienced teaching Korean to immigrants. My pronunciation is very good. I can give you a lot of help. And I hope you enjoy learning Korean with me.

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♥ Conversation In Korean!
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82 Recensioni

Studente Naomi
78 lezione/i di Coreano
La scelta dell'insegnante
She quickly knows what it is I'm struggling to say, or if I don't understand a word. Very attentive to what I need more practice with and practices more with me in that direction.
26 ago 2022
Studente Michelle Bryant
Michelle Bryant
9 lezione/i di Coreano
La scelta dell'insegnante
I have been taking lessons with 애나삼 for months now and she is always polite and patient. She is very encouraging and helps me with my pronunciation or takes time to repeat and explain anything I don't catch or don't understand.
12 gen 2022
Studente Jonny
11 lezione/i di Coreano
La scelta dell'insegnante
Anna is a great tutor! She's very professional, and she makes sure that everything we are learning is fully covered before moving on to the next topic. 10/10 would recommend Anna!
7 ago 2021
Studente Jelaine Dy
Jelaine Dy
56 lezione/i di Coreano
i have been having lessons with teacher anna for 2 years now and she has been patient all this while. i felt that I am not afraid to speak in korean anymore. i have gained confidence because of all her encouragement.
19 ott 2023
Studente Antonia aka Toni
Antonia aka Toni
1 lezione/i di Coreano
Anna was really patient with my on my first trial lesson as I have no previous experience. She quickly adapted to situation and I managed to speak my first words in Korean :) Thank you
16 giu 2023
Studente Florent GABOURG
24 lezione/i di Coreano
Anna is very patient and very good a teaching. I've been following this class for about 2 months now, and I've done progress I wouldn't think possible in this time span. Even tho the progress could be better if I was studying more outside of class but it is what it si. I highly vouch for her if you wanna learn and become more confident in your korean skills !
2 mag 2023
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