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A Must Skill To Have As An IELTS Speaking Performer! And For Corporate Employees. (read on, the gift is down the page)! This is my recording of preparing a student to succeed as an IELTS speaking taker. Here are some transcribed ideas from the podcast: 1. Mindset is the key. What you think about your success will dictate what you say, how you say it, it will influence your fluency, your grammar, your vocabulary! It all starts off WITH YOU THINKING : "I AM A BRIGHT INDIVIDUAL'! I am a bright individual, I feel that I am a bright individual, I possess the qualities of a bright individual. I am the owner of being the bright individual. 2. How I prepared for the IELTS test and what I did to achieve 8.5 and then 9.0 in the speaking section? 3. You have the technical skill and the mindset skill. 4. Who are you competing with? 5. What were my other successes with this strategy in 2018 and in 2022? 6. The acceptance of ideas talked about and moving on to further preparation. My student, I decided to share it with you because you cannot miss to go into IELTS or ANY ENDEVOIR (job interview preparation, business English) without this CRUCIAL ELEMENT called the mindset! Listen to it few times, let it germinate in you and if you want to take it further - grab the book called: The Magic Of Thinking Big By David Schwartz - you'll get business advices on how to succeed in the corporate world. My students are presidents of companies, VPs of departments, business owners and they ALL share the same thing - what I talk about in the podcast. Join some of my coaching classes to elevate your game as communicator!
A Must Skill To Have As An IELTS Speaking Performer!
2023年11月22日 08:14