What does "it's not a vibe" in this context mean? Traffic was really bad. I couldn't even get my drive-thru coffee. It's not a vibe Thank you
2023年9月30日 20:22
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American here. I've never heard that before.
2023年9月30日 23:46
Its mean like its not something nice wich happen dont give u a good vibe ,like good experience
2023年9月30日 20:41
Not feel good
2023年10月1日 04:01
This is some new slang. "Good vibe" would be a more common expression here, still informal.
2023年9月30日 22:00
I can't say I've ever heard anyone use that phrase :) I'd certainly expect a confused expression if you tried to use it with a British native.
2023年9月30日 20:48