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'If we listen to the birds, we can hear beautiful songs.' To Listen vs. To Hear The verbs 'listen' and 'hear' are commonly confused for English learners. Do you know what the difference is? When do we need to use the word 'to'?
Were you __________ to what she was saying? I couldn't _______ anything.
listening / listen
listening / hear
hearing / hear
hearing / listen
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2023년 6월 9일 오후 4:12
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I never listened to the birds. I only listen to my mom.
2023년 6월 9일
as my knowledge, we use "listen" when we actively and attentionally focus to the conservation, and use "hear" like the sound accidentally comes to your ears. For example: Listen to music hear the loud voice from the next room.
2023년 6월 10일
I need speaking partner
2023년 6월 9일
2023년 6월 10일
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