Kim Jeong Uk
답정너 Today, I'm going to explain a Korean phrase in English. The term is 답정너, which is the shortening for '답은 정해서 있어. 너는 대답만 해.' We Koreans often make terms short that way. 답정너 describes a person or a situation where A asks B a question, and the answer to the question is obvious that it's what A wants to hear from B. If I had to give you an example, get this. This is a bit cliche though. A girl asks her boyfriend if she has gained some weight lately. He would know what she wants to hear from him: "No, you don't look that way. You are slim." That is a good example of the situation of 답정너.
2015년 7월 16일 오후 3:27
교정 · 2
It depends on the situation. But usually, the term 답정너 is used among friends, so it can hardly be insulting.
2015년 7월 19일
Would it be impolite if a person calls someone 답정너?
2015년 7월 16일
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