Lina Kanyavskaya
I really like italki, I meet here my teacher, and I can feel how my language skils are getting better every week!
2022년 7월 22일 오후 1:12
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That's great. Just to assist. You are trying to say "I met my teacher here" the sentence must be in past tense. Hope you keep enjoying
2022년 8월 4일
Hi lina how are you! Nice to meet you! I would like to improve my speaking of hebrew, because i can understand almost everything, but not to speak well. And is a language that i want to manage better because i go frequently to Israel.. we have house there! I can help you in a exchange to you, with your spanish! See you
2022년 8월 4일
Italki really is an excellent platform to learn. 💯 Keep up the good work! 💕
2022년 7월 30일
Hello Lina👋My name is Ayesha. I would love to help you learn English 😊 I can create personalized lessons for you based on your needs to help you practice and improve your English.Feel free to message me, it would be great to meet you🌈
2022년 10월 21일
F*ck Israel
2022년 8월 11일
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