긴장하다 vs 긴장되다 + 걱정하다 vs 걱정되다 Could you please explain the difference between 긴장하다 and 긴장되다;; 걱정하다 and 걱정되다? Examples would be really helpful. Thanks a lot in advance!
2019년 9월 30일 오후 2:23
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Actually, there are not that big difference between them, but 긴장-하다 is the exact present verb form. if you use -하다 form in verb, there are some focus on to the Subject who/which do something. 긴장-되다 is a pp form like "being nervoused". It is using in more situation like "나는 ~때문에 긴장돼." -> In this example, we used -되다 form because we mentioned specific reason for being nervoused. Same thing for 걱정하다 and 걱정되다.
2019년 9월 30일
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