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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2022년 Jan 6일
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Hello, My name is Chika. I am Japanese, I was born and raised in Hiroshima. I love travelling abroad. I had been to more than 15 countries. I went short-time abroad in Australia and U.S. when I was young. I also study English conversation and TOEIC online. So, I know learning second language is difficult at first. I hope I will help you learning one of the amazing language in the world "Japanese". I am friendly, positive and easy to get along with everyone. こんにちは。私は「ちか」です。私は広島で生まれ育った日本人です。 私は海外旅行が大好きです。今までに15か国以上の外国に行ったことがあります。学生時代にオーストラリアとアメリカに短期留学をしました。現在、私もオンラインで英会話やTOEICの勉強中ですので第二外国語を学ぶ難しさはよく分かります。皆さんの日本語学習のお役に立てたら嬉しいです。皆さんにお会いできるのを楽しみにしています!

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36개 강의 완료됨
USD 10.00+
Conversational Japanese Practice
A2 -  C1

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146개 강의 완료됨
USD 10.00+
패키지(7% 할인가)
[For Kids :Age 2~15] Hiragana, Katakana, Vocabularies and Grammar for beginners
A1 -  A2


7개 강의 완료됨
USD 15.00+
패키지(8% 할인가)
Free Plan Lesson (open curriculum)
A2 -  C2


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USD 18.00+
패키지(20% 할인가)

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7개의 일본어 강의
강사님의 선택
2022년 10월 11일
Larry Campbell
2개의 일본어 강의
강사님의 선택
I enjoyed the lesson very much. The teacher was always willing to talk and bring up different topics to keep the conversation going. The teacher was always interested in what I had to say and was very friendly!
2022년 9월 14일
Leila Jashmine
12개의 일본어 강의
강사님의 선택
全てお世話になりました。今日もちかさんが私を助けられました!一緒に日本語プレスメントインタビューのためにしていたり、小説の続きを読んだり、よく話したりして、楽しかったんですね!すごく勉強になりました。ちかさん、心からありがとうございます! She’s a great and supportive teacher, always so prepared. I personally cannot recommend her enough!
2022년 3월 28일
Chels Mackmurdie
3개의 일본어 강의
Chika is really patient and kind and encouraging, and happy to tailor the lesson to my needs. I haven't had much time to study lately so I felt a bit guilty, but Chika made me feel at ease :)
2024년 2월 22일
Cameron Dergham
6개의 일본어 강의
Chika-sensei continues to help introduce me to a lot of new vocabulary, as well as helping correct my grammar and explaining more natural sounding ways of expressing my thoughts in Japanese. For this lesson, I was struggling to discuss a particular topic that I hadn't really attempted to tackle beforehand, and she was very patient and helped me formulate my thoughts appropriately! It was a very valuable lesson. ちか先生の忍耐と理解に感謝いたします! 難しいトピックだったのに、本当に手伝ったくれましたね!次回は、やっぱり楽しみしています~
2024년 2월 21일
Cameron Dergham
6개의 일본어 강의
Chika-sensei continues to help me both expand my vocabulary, as well as guiding my progress towards sounding more natural in conversation. Even when I don't understand something she's said, she'll patiently continue to explain in different ways until it clicks, and she's very quick to type out entire sentences to make it easier for me to comprehend if I'm not able to understand via listening. She also wanted to make sure I knew how to handle important topics in case of emergency situations while traveling in Japan, which was very thoughtful of her! ちか先生、教えてくれて本当にありがとうございました~! 僕たちの会話はいつも楽しんで勉強になる。僕にとって、日本語で痛いところを表現できることについて、お気遣いありがとう~ 旅行のためにマジで大切なトピックですね!確かにちか先生は思いやりのある人です!
2024년 2월 13일
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