Nikolai Selikovsky

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Multilingual Conversation Teacher
시작 오스트리아이탈리아, Rome 거주 중 (06:16 UTC+02:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2022년 Mar 30일
Hello! My name is Nikolai Selikovsky and my mother tongue is German. Since I'm little I love to communicate. I speak English, Italian and French fluently. At the moment I live in Rome and there I learned to talk with hands and feet. So don't worry we find our way at the beginning.

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Basic and Advanced Conversations in German
A2 -  C2

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In my opinion Nikolai is one of the best here. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Rare quality: pays some attention to perfect the pronunciation.
2023년 3월 9일
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Five stars for Nikolai's helping hand during technical issues at the beginning of the lesson (he found an excellent and a creative solution :-)) and another five stars for his encouraging way of leading the conversation and a huge heart for his lovely Austrian German which I miss very much. :-)
2022년 12월 16일
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I have had three lessons with Nikolai and found them all very enjoyable and engaging. He is very friendly and patient, which makes it fun to practice German both in a conversational manner as well as by doing focused short grammar exercises. When I make mistakes he offers encouragement to see if I can correct some mistakes on my own or he will help with the correction and also suggest alternative phrases and write them in the chat so that I can learn from the mistakes. I usually try to use a few new-to-me verbs/words during the sessions, some of which I have learned from wordlists or heard or read but not yet spoken. Nikolai's feedback regarding the correct usage of these verbs and phrases and German grammar rules is always super helpful. I really appreciate Nikolai's enthusiasm and I look forward to our sessions.
2022년 6월 27일
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Nikolai is a great teacher. You could have a lots of conversation and improve your German.
2022년 5월 21일
Anika Ahmed
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Always a good time with Nikolai. I am very happy with these lessons ☺️
2022년 5월 17일
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Nikolai is a very nice and motivating guy. I enjoyed our first session and am looking forward for the next one:)
2022년 5월 4일
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