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6 years of teaching experience as a profesional teacher🌸 Absolute beginners are also welcome🌟
시작 일본일본, Other 거주 중 (15:18 UTC+09:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2022년 Apr 9일
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Hi, everyone:)♡ I am Ayana. I live in Osaka. In my spare time, I do workout, listen to music and cooking Japanese food. According to my students, I'm always cheerful and easy to talk to:) So, don't hesitate to contact me☆ こんにちは。あやなです。大阪に住んでいます。 時間があるときは、運動をしたり、音楽を聞いたり、日本料理を作ったりしています。 学生によると、私は明るくて話しやすいそうです(^^)/ なので、遠慮せずに連絡してくださいね☆

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✿Free topic conversation【A2-C2】
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✿Textbook lesson for beginner (GENKI) 【A1, A2】
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✿ Textbook Lesson for Intermediate (日本語カルテット) 【B1】


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I've been really impressed by Ayana. I initially started online lessons while I was unable to go to Japanese school during the Covid pandemic. But I soon realised that I get so much more out of every lesson I do with Ayana than at the school. So I have been continuing my journey with her every since. Ayana really pays attention to my personal strengths and weaknesses and adapts to the style of learning that suits me best. She's really easy going and creates a very comfortable environment. I always feel my Japanese improving after every lesson. She's a very capable teacher and above that, she has become a good friend as well!
2023년 7월 27일
Austin Greene
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I’ve now been having lessons with Ayana-sensei once a week for over a year now and I can wholeheartedly say that it’s been a wonderful experience. Each lesson has been an important stepping stone on my journey to be fluent in Japanese. Ayana-sensei patiently guided me in transforming my book knowledge of Japanese into a competent speaking ability. At the start, I could barely string together half a sentence during conversations but now I can construct (mostly) grammatically correct sentences and express my opinions and thoughts during conversations. Ayana-sensei's biggest strength is her kindness and will go the extra mile to prepare interesting topics to discuss each week and makes sure to remember things about her students to follow up on conversations. If you’re looking for someone to start your Japanese journey with or improve your conversational ability, Ayana-sensei has the English ability to help when needed and the teaching experience to make it happen. Strongly recommend!
2023년 7월 19일
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If you are maybe a bit like me and feeling anxious about talking to someone you don't know in a language you can't really speak, I can wholly recommend taking a lesson with Ayana-Sensei. From the get go she was very warm, welcoming and easy to talk to. Lessons are an interesting dialogue where I learn not only about the Japanese language, but also culture and customs. Likewise, Ayana-Sensei seems to take a sincere interest in the dialogue and it feels less like a traditional lesson and more like an enjoyable chat. Should a point be unclear in Japanese, Ayana-Sensei's excellent English can help out. While this is my first experience with a language tutor, I am more than happy, and can recommend trying a lesson with Ayana-Sensei to everyone, especially if you're feeling shy and anxious about it.
2023년 5월 1일
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i had a really good experience with this trial lesson! ayana was super sweet! ありがとうございます!
2023년 9월 30일
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Class number 2 with Ayana-sensei completed and I'm looking forward to the next one! Our call flew by! It felt like talking to a friend. She taught me several new things and her patience helped break my nervousness. Thank you sensei! See you soon. :D
2023년 9월 30일
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Ayana always keeps lessons fun and has the patience of a saint. She is able to explain things in a clear and concise way, as well as always open to providing materials for subjects that I ask for. あやな先生、次のレッスンは楽しみにします。
2023년 9월 29일
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