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Friendly Japanese teacher / teaching experience in the U.S. and Japan
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2022년 Apr 12일
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Hi, my name is Yuko. I'm from Nagasaki. I like traveling, watching Netflix, listening to music, cooking etc. My family are farmers so I love being in nature. We grow rice, oranges, and some vegetables. And also, every year we make traditional Japanese food like miso, umeboshi and mochi. I've been studying about kimono(Japanese traditional clothes) too. Not only the language, but also I want to share our Japanese culture. みなさん、こんにちは。 わたしの名前はゆうこです。長崎出身です。 好きなことは、旅行(りょこう)、Netflixをみること、音楽(おんがく)を聞(き)くこと、料理(りょうり)などです。わたしの家族(かぞく)は農家(のうか)なので自然(しぜん)もだいすきです。お米(こめ)やみかん(みかん)を作っています。味噌(みそ)やうめぼし、もちなど日本(にほん)の伝統的(でんとうてき)な食べ物(たべもの)も作(つく)ります。今は、着物(きもの)の勉強(べんきょう)もしています。みなさんに日本語だけではなく、文化もしってもらいたいです。

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Free conversation
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Deirdre 디어드라 McKPric
7개의 일본어 강의
강사님의 선택
My lessons with Yuko are always fabulous. I really see her as a ‘born’ teacher. I really appreciate the way she guides the lessons, presents new materials and reviews all grammar. She gently corrects my pronunciation. She allows me to always read my homework which helps me with learning how to get used to speaking Japanese. I am happy with every lesson.
2024년 2월 20일
William Rosemond
12개의 일본어 강의
강사님의 선택
I have taken quite a few classes with Yuko now, and plan on continuing to do so! Each lesson builds upon the last and it is very rewarding to feel my skills and confidence growing every week. It's often necessary to request a lesson a few weeks in advance since her schedule fills up quickly, but it's no surprise why; her classes are always fun and her teaching style strikes a very effective balance of instruction and listening/speaking practice. I look forward to continuing to learn with her!
2024년 2월 8일
43개의 일본어 강의
강사님의 선택
Yuko is a great teacher and I would totally recommend her for anyone who wants to learn Japanese! Learning with Yuko has been a fun and positive experience, and I’ve already learned so much after only two lessons. Her lessons are find and flexible, and I’ve had a great time learning Japanese with her.
2023년 1월 12일
Deirdre 디어드라 McKPric
7개의 일본어 강의
I like the way Sensei Yuko consistently uses good examples and illustrations to highlight accurate Japanese grammar and to keep me engaged. I am always happy to learn with her because she also provides study materials that I can engage in between scheduled classes. I learn best with a teacher who is always willing to patiently review previous lessons. Additionally, Sensei Yuko has a very charming personality.
2024년 2월 13일
Deirdre 디어드라 McKPric
7개의 일본어 강의
I have never had a lesson with Yuko that I didn’t enjoy. She is professional and patient. She reviews all previously learned materials before introducing new grammar. She provides plenty of opportunities to speak Japanese during class. She gently corrects grammatical errors, as well as my awkward attempts at pronunciation. I appreciate her time and effort.
2024년 2월 6일
Deirdre 디어드라 McKPric
7개의 일본어 강의
Yuko is a good teacher. She provides plenty of opportunities to speak during class. She is an excellent reviewer. I like that she speaks Japanese to me at every opportunity. I will be able to get used to hearing the language. I will understand it better. Listening is a huge part of the language learning process.
2024년 2월 1일
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