Simón Wheeler

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Good pronunciation and accent, encouraging, fun and interesting, with 18 years experience.
시작 오스트레일리아스페인, Cordoba 거주 중 (03:28 UTC+01:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2014년 Nov 11일
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I was born in Australia, but I have become a person of the world. When I was 27 years old I moved to England, where I lived for seven years and Scotland for five, before moving to Spain, where I continue to live today. I am married to a Spanish girl and speak Spanish quite well, so it can be easier to explain things to Spanish students if they have any doubts. I have written five books and done some acting on stage. I am interested in history and the environment. I have an open mind, so I enjoy exploring new ideas and different cultures. For students, I have a podcast on italki and I usually put a new one up each week. I also have a YouTube channel, "The Social Evolutionary".

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Inglés para Principiantes
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Intensive Practice
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Creative Writing
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Job Interview Preparation
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Business presentations - Pitching to Investors
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My CURRENT Students only
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It has been a pleasure. Patient,great listener and better teacher. I am taking new lessons with Simon asap Thank you very much
2017년 8월 7일
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He speaks very slowly for me, thanks to that, I can understand his English, and his class is very interesting. Thank you very much, Simon
2017년 3월 29일
Milagros Camb.
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En esta sesión hemos corregido un articulo que yo había escrito previamente, me ha corregido los errores y sugerido otras formas de expresarlo. Después he descrito una foto y para finalizar hemos hablado un poco acerca de como va el país. Además he aprendido nuevo vocabulario y me ha explicado cosas nuevas de gramática que me ayudarán a no cometer errores. Tiene una manera de explicar muy sencilla que hace que entiendas las cosas fácilmente.
2016년 1월 4일
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Simon's creative writing classes are truly interesting and fun. As a student, I'm quite used to writing IELTS essays, but these lessons are much more advanced and a fantastic opportunity to improve the use of the language. Simon offers great guidance while encouraging the use of creativity in the development of stories and characters. Thank you very much!
2023년 11월 26일
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Excellent time spent with Simón. I will definitely return.
2023년 11월 5일
Jorge Gonzalez
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Profesor excelente.
2023년 11월 2일
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