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Scratch to Advanced, Teach in 🇬🇧, 🇩🇪, 🇫🇷, 🇪🇸 +20yrs EXP 20,530 hrs offline, 4,100 hrs online
시작 독일아르헨티나, Buenos Aires 거주 중 (02:22 UTC-03:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Jul 20일
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➡️ New Schedules for Juy 2023 are OPEN now ✅ Over 20 years of professional experience (20,530 hrs offline and 4,000 hrs online) in DaF (German as a Second Language), FLE (Français Langue Étrangère), and ESL (English as a Second Language) ✅ All levels from scratch to advanced ✅ Specialized in business (Over 18-year professional experience as a freelance translator for 16 companies) ✅ Interview preparation (JET Program, job interviews for German, Austrian and Swiss companies) ✅ Exam preparation (TestDaF, Goethe A1-C1, TELC A1-C1) ✅ Correction of various documents such as résumés, CV, SOP, and others ✅ Proofreading of academic papers (Over 18-year career as a professional translator)

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시범 수업
47 lessons completed
USD 29.00+
[🇩🇪]【55/40/25-min】German for Absolute/Near Beginners
A1 -  B2


268 lessons completed
USD 35.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
[🇩🇪]]【85/55-min】Examn Preparation (Goethe/TELC A1-C2)
A1 -  C2

시험 준비

32 lessons completed
USD 43.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
[🇩🇪]]【85/55/40/25-min】Comprehensive Customized German
A1 -  C2


72 lessons completed
USD 35.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
[🇩🇪] 【25/40/55-min】Job Interview Preparation/Business writing
B1 -  C2


19 lessons completed
USD 40.00+
[🇩🇪]【85/55-min】 Intensive German Grammar Course
A1 -  C2


17 lessons completed
USD 58.00+
패키지(1% 할인가)
[🇩🇪]【85/55/40/25-min】German for Kids and Teens
A1 -  C2


74 lessons completed
USD 29.00+
패키지(6% 할인가)

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강사님의 선택
Max is a motivating teacher. His assignments are creative and inspiring. He customizes them to my needs and quickly provides additional materials per my requests. He doesn't allow me to slack off. At the same time, he encourages me when I'm dissatisfied with my progress. His great sense of humor keep lessons fun and engaging. I'm very happy I found him.
2023년 2월 24일
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강사님의 선택
Max is the best german teacher I met here. I habe attended nearly 10 classes from Max, and my pronounciation and grammar have greatly improved. He will give you the assistance you need to acheive your goal. When you're in the class with Max, you will feel his professionalism and enthusiasm. I really recommend everyone here to learn with him. Max是我在這裡遇過最好的德語老師,我已經跟他上了接近十堂,我感覺我的德文發音跟文法進步了很多。Max絕對能幫到任何學生去達成他們的目標。你可以從課堂中感受到他教學的熱心和專業,所以我建議大家都可以來試試他的堂。
2022년 8월 1일
Victoria Kravchenko
8개의 독일어 강의
Ich kann Max nur wärmstens empfehlen, er ist ein professioneller, ermutigender und sehr einfühlsamer Lehrer. Der Unterricht ist super effektiv, individuell, jedes Mal anders und ansprechend. Sie werden einfach keinen besseren Lehrer für Ihren holprigen Weg zum Deutsch finden
2023년 9월 6일
Tony Zhai
15개의 독일어 강의
Max is a phenomenal teacher and is super engaging and also provides fun and useful resources. He has also encouraged me to study german even harder. I would definitely recommend him.
2023년 8월 31일
Yuxi Sun
2개의 독일어 강의
It's my very first personal online class, it's a great start, Max is super organised and encouraging!
2023년 8월 10일
Anna Watanabe Spann
8개의 독일어 강의
I hatte einen tolle ersten Unterricht bei Max. Ich bin erstaunt, wie kreativ er sein kann, allein in einer 30 Minuten ersten Klasse! Ich freue mich auf weitere Lektionen!
2023년 7월 26일
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