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Professional Chinese Teacher with almost 10 years teaching experiences.
시작 중국중국, Zhengzhou 거주 중 (16:03 UTC+08:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Jun 21일
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REMINDER: LESSONS ARE GIVEN VIA VOOVMEETING I am Tina from central China Henan Province. I am a reliable person. Born in a teacher's family made teaching my passion. Teaching was also my major back in college. Besides, I have got two teaching certification, one as an English teacher to Chinese, the other as a Chinese teacher to non-Chinese speakers. Also I speak standard Mandarin with a 2A certification.

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14개 강의 완료됨
USD 8.00+
Pronunciation and Pinyin
A1 -  A2


24개 강의 완료됨
USD 17.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
Daily Chinese
A1 -  B2

회화 연습

28개 강의 완료됨
USD 17.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
Business Chinese
A1 -  B2


0개 강의 완료됨
USD 17.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
Movie/TV series/TV programs
A2 -  C2

회화 연습

1개 강의 완료됨
USD 17.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
HSK 1-6
A1 -  C2

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37개 강의 완료됨
USD 20.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)

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matthew Mccorry
102개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
강사님의 선택
Tina is a good teacher, she has really helped get me back into studying Chinese. We follow text book classes together and I am enjoying the challenge of learning Chinese with a friendly and patient teacher. Tina 老师叫我中文很好。
2022년 6월 15일
Nikita Vasilev
5개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
Tina is a great teacher. I wanted to learn phonetics to put a solid foundation for my Chinese learning. So as I asked, we're studying sounds and Chinese pronunciation. I'm pleased with how much I am learning. She knows well how to explain sounds, but also uses really good materials for our lessons, finds good examples and uses any occasion to teach me not just the phonetics, but also new vocabulary and the topical usage of Chinese in situations
2023년 11월 18일
Celia Callau
3개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
A very good lesson with good material, and a very kind and patient teacher. Thank you!
2023년 10월 29일
matthew Mccorry
102개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
Tina has been teaching me for one and a half years sooo yeah, she’s good.
2023년 3월 2일
matthew Mccorry
102개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
Tina is great, at the start she assessed my Chinese strengths and weaknesses and continues to teaches at the right level. I enjoy the lessons from the books as well as some different styles of lessons we do. Tina is patient and super friendly, she has been teaching me for over a year and I’m very lucky to find such a thoughtful teacher. She wants me to give a real comment both good and bad, I’ve had may teachers over the years and she is the best one, the biggest problem is my own lack of discipline to consistently study. I am the teachers pet.
2022년 11월 21일
21개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
I had a fun time in today's lesson.
2022년 1월 14일
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