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A2-C2 Conversation Practice and Proofreading
시작 독일남아프리카 공화국, Other 거주 중 (02:14 UTC+02:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2019년 Oct 24일
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I’m Kim, a native German speaker from the north of Bavaria, but currently living in South Africa. I studied translation at university with English as my first and Portuguese as my second language. I’ve always been very passionate about languages and over the past few years I’ve invested a lot of time into learning Portuguese, Hungarian and Afrikaans. Ich bin Kim und komme aus dem Norden von Bayern, aber lebe zurzeit in Südafrika. Ich habe Übersetzung mit Englisch und Portugiesisch als meinen Fremdsprachen studiert. Wegen meinem Studium beschäftige ich mich sehr tiefgründing mit meiner Muttersprache und ich habe mich auch schon immer für Fremdsprachen interessiert.

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Conversation Practice German A2-C2
A2 -  C2

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Her corrections and feedback during conversation lessons are quite precise and effective. She also has the linguistic talent to make an intuitive guess to understand what I tried to say even if I got mixed up with the vocabulary. She corrects me on Skype or via a Google doc during the lessons and I review them occasionally. I have been learning German with her since my B1 training and I use these notes as a journal both at work and during everyday situations. Her proofreading also helps my understanding of the language as she explains the nuances and gives me valuable tips. Learning a language requires significant patience and an effective teacher knows how to model learning effectively. I think she is the one.
2022년 12월 19일
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Kim is attentive,corrects my mistakes and always gives me interesting subjects. After months of interesting lessons with her, I feel my german has improved and feel more confident when speaking it. I highly recommend her!
2021년 3월 1일
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Kim was great to work with on our first lesson together. I am a beginner in German yet we somehow managed to stick to the language for 99% of the class! She typed every correction or suggestion in the skype chat box so I was able to go back and read what the proper phrase was to say. I took 3+ pages of notes after the lesson so her teaching didn't just stop after the hour ended!
2020년 3월 30일
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2023년 5월 23일
Sandy Lie
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I really look forward to meeting up with Kim for her tutorials. Kim is very patient and knowledgeable. She is able to help with everyday conversation and support my academic learning too. Highly recommended tutor.
2023년 5월 21일
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Kim is such a nice teacher that does care about your learning process. She corrects your mistakes meticulously by taking note of them while she does not interrupt your flow of speech. Notes and corrections are delivered to you through chat box and are easily available for your later brush-up.
2023년 5월 17일
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